Top places to move in 2018

Whoever has in mind migration and the search for a better fortune in another city and country, the choices are many. The best ones, however, are the following.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Within Europe, Amsterdam is a charming city that combines both tranquility and energy, a favorite of travelers, as well as those looking for a better fortune. The channels, the bikes, the tourists, the new world give a distinct pulse in the city, while the labor market is well. Employment, indeed, is packed with good medical coverage, which makes taxes worth. The working week in some jobs is 4 days (especially for mothers), meaning you can spend your free time in museums, concerts and enjoy the … Venice of the North.

Calgary, Canada

It is a bit far away, but it is the expression of the edge of the Canadian lifestyle. Apart from being one of the cleanest cities in the world, it has a strong movement of art and culture and a great restaurant scene for those who combine art and gastronomy. And if you are worried about the sun, let’s say you may have teeth, but Calgary does not forget it, with most days of the year sunny. The most important of all, however, is Canada’s healthcare system, a tax system that favors entrepreneurship, a tuition system, and immigrants’ hugs, since it accepts about 300,000 economic migrants each year.

Hamburg Germany

Germany is always on the lists with the best countries to live because of its infrastructure, good health system, cost of living and organized everyday life, where everything seems to work clock. Hamburg offers all of the above, being an ecological city and a growing shopping mall, with many beauties, among its urban and industrial features. It is the second largest port in Europe; it has beautiful lakes and hundreds of bridges for hiking and cycling, and is a place where concerts and artistic events are not missing. Great entrance to the city is one of the world’s largest and best acoustic concert halls.

Bali, Indonesia

If you love the sun and watching the ocean from the moment you wake up, Indonesia is the best place for moving. You can choose to spend some days at Ayana Luxury Hotel as a traveler but also look for the job of your dreams, especially if you work in travel industry. Bali can be your hometown, really easy.

Melbourne, Australia

Of the most distant but familiar cities in the world is this great city. Melbourne is one of the most “vibrant” cities in the world, constituting the Mecca of those who love Art – from music and ballet to architecture and contemporary art. Locals spend a lot of time out in the city parks, which are rich in greenery, while going to work with a bicycle is a common phenomenon. Although in a more general context it is an expensive city, at the same time it offers many choices of lower cost, even for stays. Here you will fall in love, the lively streets, the cafes, the ocean and the warm breeze of the country.

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is a city that “scores” high on the lists of the best cities in the world to live for, due to the balance that it offers between work and personal life, health and childcare, transport and financial stability. In comparison with other Swedish cities, the cost of living is probably lower, while it has a great reputation as a green energy city, which many are looking for before they set up their new home. The winters are actually frozen and dark, but when the sun comes out, the atmosphere changes and everyone enjoys it as good.


  1. kristen visser says

    It would definitely be cool to move to another Country but i am such a family oriented person and have to be close to all my family as well as my friends

  2. It’s a little scary but we’re starting to think about it – politics here is becoming so scary!

  3. I live in Ontario. If I was ever going to move anywhere else within Canada, it would definitely be Calgary!

  4. Sometimes I think I could move to Europe. I would maybe choose Denmark over Sweden though.

  5. YAY, Calgary was listed! I have lived in many countries, from childhood to adulthood (was born in Africa, lived in the UK, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Russia, LA, Austin, Ottawa, etc.) and I always return home to Calgary. This is where my kids will be raised; it has a multi-cultural atmosphere, very inclusive, arts and culture, great education, and an international airport so we can access the world. I love it here!!!!

  6. Cheryl Grandy says

    I’m not planning to move, but it’s interesting to read about recommended places to live.

  7. Australia would be my wish.

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