6 Weekend Projects to Share with Your Children

There is no such thing as too much time spent with the children. There are countless activities to try with your kids, promising countless hours of fun. The challenge is choosing the right activities to share with them. You have to think about what gets them excited or even involve them in the planning process. In fact, getting your children involved in planning some projects to do on weekends is a great way to start. Simply choose from some of the best ideas for weekend projects that we are about to discuss in this article to get started.

Potting with the Kids

Gardening is a great hobby for children because it teaches them so many skills and more. Children also love playing in the garden, which is why giving them the ability to design the space and plant their own flowers can be a huge plus.

Potting new plants for the garden is a fantastic way to get your children excited about gardening. Potting is fairly simple, and it is an activity that children will certainly love. It is an easy DIY project to prepare too.

Your children can take care of choosing the plants, choosing the pots you’re going to use, and even potting the plants. You, on the other hand, can prepare the potting mix and the plants. It is a simple and fun activity that the entire family can enjoy.

Get Them Involved with DIY

Children love making things, which is why getting them involved with DIY is a great idea.  Also, you will be helping to equip them with the basic skills and tools they will need later on in life.  For example, if you are thinking about sprucing up the wooden garden gates in your garden, why not get them to help with the sanding and painting?

If you are in the market for new gates and fencing, you can have them help with simple tasks such as learning how to use a spirit level or how to ‘measure twice, cut once.’ There are a lot of options when it comes to side gates and wooden gates for the garden and retailers such as Buy Fencing Direct offer easy access to the best garden gates on the market; you can find an extensive catalogue of wooden garden gates on https://www.buyfencingdirect.co.uk/gates.

Make Your Own Jewellery

Making jewellery and accessories is one of the most classic DIY projects to share with the kids. You know the children will love this type of project too, since it challenges them creatively. Similar to our previous weekend project, you only need to provide the materials and some guidance.

You can take jewellery-making a step further by taking the kids on a shopping spree. Find a nearby art store and let the kids choose their own materials. The entire family can sit down together in the living room or the kitchen, watching YouTube tutorials and making jewellery pieces all day.

To make the project even more special, challenge the kids to make jewellery for each other. Make sure you follow through and actually wear the accessories they make. The look on your children’s faces when they see the bracelets they made around your arms will be priceless.

Getting into Instant Photography

We are so used to our smartphone cameras that capturing moments becomes an everyday thing. After all, taking pictures is as simple as pulling out your phone and tapping on your screen. However, photography can still be an exciting and rewarding hobby for the kids.

Pick up a couple of instant cameras like the Fujifilm Instax and go out to the park or the weekend market with the children. Let them capture moments and the things they see around them. The first few shots will be a bit random, but let your kids explore instant photography and prepare to be amazed.

That exciting moment of seeing the instant photo sheet rolling out of the camera and waiting for the captured image to appear is magical for your children, especially if they are not used to using smartphones yet. Going on a photo hunt can be their next favourite thing. You can find some of the top recommended instant cameras here: https://www.adorama.com/alc/10-best-instant-cameras.

Try Singing!

Music is another thing that you can share with the children. If you are up for a loud weekend, pick up some instruments – or make your own using items that can be found around the house – and enjoy a nice Saturday afternoon singing together.

There is no doubt that music is a good thing for children. While having a lot of fun singing with the entire family, your children can learn about rhythm and tone. Without them realising, music also improves their ability to count and process information.

You can turn it into a family project too. Pick up an audio recorder or a video camera, do some basic sound treatments to capture clear audio, and create covers of songs that your family loves. You can share the video (or audio) recording to close friends or upload it to YouTube.

Let Your Children Cook

We can’t talk about DIY projects to share with the kids without talking about cooking. Kids love spending time in the kitchen, especially when you let them create a mess and play around. Make sure you stay on top of their safety, and you can have an exciting day in the kitchen for sure.

There are many things you can do with the kids. You can bake some cookies and let them play with the icing. You can also let the kids get involved in making a cake or other treats that they love. Even better, you can let the children decide what to cook for the entire family before letting them help you prepare the meal.

Any of these DIY projects are a lot of fun when you do them with your children. They are not just good for bonding, but also great for teaching your kids important skills while having fun with the entire family.


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