How To Get Your Children As Well As Yourself Ready For a Big Move

The process of moving is hard enough logistically and packing all of the boxes is draining to say the least. This difficulty multiplies when you are moving with children as they can provide quite a bit of resistance. Leaving the only home your child has even known can be traumatic for them as the relationships forged here are the only ones they possess. Preparing yourself personally for the move is important as well as your children need you at your best during this tough time. Below are ways to get your children and yourself ready for a big move.

If Moving For a Job: Write Out Pros and Cons

The most common reason for a move to another state is moving for a new career opportunity. Writing out the pros and cons of accepting the position in a new place needs to be done. You might find that the opportunity is not worth the hassle of a move or find that not taking this job would be a huge career mistake. Moving to a new city where housing does not offer as much square footage like that of Boston can result in people looking for storage options in Boston. This is far cheaper than having to rent out a larger living accommodation simply to fit your excess possessions.

Don’t Make It a Surprise

Do not tell your children that you are moving with just a week’s notice as they will have things they want to do before moving. Teenagers will want to see all of their friends before they leave which can take weeks as schedules do not always align especially for busy teens. This will give the children time to get excited about the move as they do research on their future home. For those families that move frequently the children might be more understanding but for first time movers a decent notice can help reduce backlash.

Find Potential Housing So Months Are Not Spent Looking

The most important thing that a parent can do before a move is to research the new city thoroughly. Living in a bad section can lead to enrolling your children in a less than average school. Take the time to research crime rates, school rankings, and how far of a commute it is to the office. Factoring in all of these things will help narrow down options and start looking immediately after relocation. This will help reduce the cost of having to stay in temporary housing like a condo or hotel. Finding a home quickly will allow the children to settle in immediately then start building their social circle again.

Promise Your Kids Annual or Biannual Trips Back

As a parent you need to realize that for the first few years after the move a trip back to your children’s former hometown is important. This will give them time to reconnect with old friends as well as to see any family that might be residing there. Planning these trips will lessen the sadness the children will feel as they know they will see particular people again. Summer vacations are perfect for these types of trips and if family is in the area, the kids can stay with them if you cannot get off of work. For those that are only moving a few hours away there is the possibility to visit much more frequently.

Use Social Media To Stay In Touch

Social media is the perfect way to stay in touch and for your kids to stay in touch with their friends they are leaving behind. Technology has made long distances seem irrelevant as it is extremely easy to do a face to face call with any mobile device. Set your kids up with Skype as well as this can help reduce the pain of moving if they can still keep in contact with old friends. Social media is a great way for you to connect with future coworkers before the move if moving for a career opportunity. Future coworkers are a huge resource for information when moving to a new area as they know things like neighborhoods to avoid or the best schools in the city.

Moving for any reason is never going to be easy and it is guaranteed to come with a large amount of stress. Take care of the above and it will ease the transition for everyone involved. The faster that you can get settled in your new home the better as it is easy to continue to feel down living in temporary accommodations especially if it is a hotel.


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