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We have been dreaming of a trip to Disney as it has been so long since we went. Having older kids I know how quickly time passes by and want to make the most out of the limited time we have with the kids still being young. I recently found myself saying to my husband “When we have extra money”then realized there is no such thing. Life gets in the way and saving is often so tough to do. It seems like something always comes up and bills add up. Back to school quickly turns into winter with higher bills and Christmas shopping. Throw in a few surprise bills, kids growing so quick and grocery bills spike.

A few years back I started a savings jar for a girls trip. Every time I had spare change I added it to the jar. When you throw in your loonies and Twoonies the change adds up super quick. I tried doing a savings jar again but it was too easy to dip into when cash was needed. I find an out of sight out of mind approach works better for me.

Recently I discovered a great money saving app that helps me save while keeping my money our of sight and out of mind.  Quber is Canada’s newest savings app that helps you to become mindful of your saving habits. It is the newest personal finance app that actually helps you find ways to save. No matter what you are saving for Quber can help you reach your goal.  Quber brings the idea of the old fashion saving jars and piggy banks to your phone. The app will give you recommendations on how you can change your spending habits to save more to your jars.

You connect the Quber app to your bank account in ways that are safe and secure.

Round up to the nearest $5 on your morning coffee or reward yourself for a trip to the gym. Quber suggests interactive personal saving challenges to help you quickly fill your jar.

How it works

Securely connect the app to your bank account

Quber easily connects to most major financial institutions. Your privacy and security matter to us. Quber uses 256-bit encryption and is certified bank tight secure.

Create your own personal savings jars

Visualize what you want to purchase. A weekend escape – a new man cave – tickets to see your favourite band. Create a savings jar for each dream and let Quber show you how to turn them into reality.

Challenge yourself to make it count

Quber tracks your every day cashflow and suggests fun and interactive saving challenges to help fill your jars. You can also create your own challenges like making a deposit each time you visit the gym or rounding up your morning coffee purchase and putting the extra in your jar.

Quber helps you save money is a fun way so you do not even notice it. In no time at all you will have the money you need for that special purchase, weekend getaway or whatever you wish to save for.

Ever wanted to stop yourself from spending on an impulse, the Quber Vault helps you do just that.

Get the app today and start saving for your chance to win!

From Sept 10th to Nov 2nd  the Quber will be giving away $5000 in prizing in the #SavetoWin Contest. The Grand prize is $1000 and there are lots of weekly, monthly, challenge prizes and refer to win prizes as well.  All prizes will be awarded on Nov 9th!

Twitter Party

When-September 9th at 9pm EST

Hashtag #SavewithQuber

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Be sure to join the party for valuable information and tips on saving money, PLUS there is $300 in prizes to be won!

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored in partnership with Quber. All opinions are our own.

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