Start the new School year off with a Mystery- New Subscription Box for Kids #MysteryAdventureClub

You all know how much I love a good subscription box! I have joined many over the years and love getting surprise mail delivered to my door. It is so fun knowing a special something is on its way. So when I heard about Mystery Adventure Club, a new Canadian-made subscription box curated for kids ages 6-12, I had to check it out. My nine year old loves getting mail too.

The Mystery Adventure Club deliver new and exciting mysteries directly to your doorstep! Your child receives a wholly contained adventure featuring clues, characters and stories all in one box. It’s an interactive experience that wakes up your child’s imagination and makes you want to be a kid again.

As a parent it is my duty to nourish my children’s love for adventure and encourage their imagination.

when our mystery box arrived my daughter was so excited to open it up and start uncovering the mystery. i am glad there was a file folder marked “Start here” or she would have opened everything at once and been lost.

The box was fill with everything she needed to solve the mystery before her.

In the box was everything my daughter needed to start the investigation and help solve the mystery. It was really fun watching her look for clues, double check her theories and ask me my input to help solve the mystery.

The clues within the box kept her entertained for quite some time while she narrowed down the suspects. As a parent I will always encourage my children’s imagination, but as they get older and stop being so easy to entertain, this gets difficult. This box did just that while challenging her to figure out the mystery.

The Mystery box subscription plan is available in 2-12 months plans with a new box arriving at your door every other month. Each mystery sent will come with its own story and own set of tools to help solve the adventure. Plans start at $29.99 and payment options include all major credit cards.

Solving the mystery and gathering clues is just part of the fun. Once your child has solved the final clue, visit the website to confirm their theory, earn rewards and unlock new boxes. With the new school upon us I think this would be a great subscription box not only for your child, but to give as a gift. My daughter is always getting invited to birthday parties and I never know what to buy. I think any child would love to receive this!

To help encourage your child, for every box they provide a help guide that will be emailed to you after the box has been purchased. This way parents can let their child know if they are on the right track or not.

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Do your children like to solve mysteries?


Disclosure-This post has been brought to you by The Mystery Adventure Club. All opinions are my own 


  1. This sounds like fun! I love when kids can use their imagination and problem-solving skills. This would be a great activity to have for those days when you’re stuck indoors.

  2. This would be so much fun, my nieces and nephews would adore these subscription boxes!

  3. My son will be turning six in November. This will be a great way to start of his new year, because who doesn’t love a good mystery.

  4. Catherine Sargent says

    What a fun subscription box for kids. I will have to look into this for my niece and nephew.

  5. Forget about the kids, I love mysteries lol! This looks so much fun. What a creative concept.

  6. Neely Moldovan says

    This is such a fun idea for kids. I have some friends with older kiddos who would love this!

  7. This would be such great family fun. I know my husband would love supervising this and participating too. Would make a great gift for my nieces and nephews too.

  8. We’ve been enjoying escape room games lately. This looks like something similar to try out! Thanks!

  9. This looks like something that Jayden would really enjoy. Actually I think all three younger boys would love this

  10. Subscription boxes are so much fun! My kids would love to receive these surprises in the mail.

  11. Annemarie LeBlanc says

    Awesome! I think this would be a very interesting subscription box for the little ones. I love how this will help develop their problem solving/analytical skills. I’m checking this out.

  12. Awesome! This would be a great game to have. Once winter sets in and the kids are mostly indoors, this game will keep them entertained.

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