5 tips on buying second hand furniture online

Second hand furniture is a rapidly growing market on eBay and other online marketplaces. You can often find a bargain on something that’s almost brand new or in near perfect condition. Often sellers will buy an item that either doesn’t fit their taste or will clear out when moving or redecorating.

Here are five tips for buying these pieces safely online.

1: Don’t just stick to eBay

While eBay is great for finding a quick bargain and has the added protection that the service offers, there are plenty of great sites you can find with a simple search. Check the feedback scores these websites have received on review aggregators such as TrustPilot or Reviews.co.uk.

2: Always ask for more information

It’s good to strike up a line of communication with the seller prior to bidding or buying a piece. This will give you the chance to ask for any more information on how the item has been stored or used. You can also ask for any more photos that might be needed. This is especially useful if an item does have some cosmetic damage as you’ll be able to take a closer look.

3: Speak to Hotels or companies that are renovating

Often you can pick up a bargain from a hotel that may be renovating. These items are usually in good condition and you can often pick up a set for a good price. Steer clear of coffee shops and cafes as these are used often and generally treated quite badly.

4: Take in to account the cost of delivery when bidding

After making your purchase, the last thing you want is to do is find out the price is going to go through the roof due to the actual transport cost. Get quotes from a large item courier before placing your bid to ensure you are truly getting a bargain.

5: Ask for further photos when the item is being loaded

It’s good practice to ask the seller and the transporter to take some photographs when the item is being loaded. This will help establish where any damage has occurred should it happen. It will also give the transporter an added mental note to keep the item safe!

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