Helping Your Child Organize Their Bedroom


Let’s face it, children are messy, undisciplined and chaotic. But that’s where their personality shines through, and part of why we love them so much. However, this chaos mustn’t go unchecked for a long time, otherwise, they will fail to grow, no matter how strong, silly and fun their personalities are. This doesn’t mean you should be unhappy when they perform for you their armpit fart medley, or that you should laugh any less when they make a silly joke.

However, there are some parental musts that can help you develop a disciplined, well-prioritized little human. At least, that’s the goal. A great place to start is helping your child organize their bedroom. Setting up methods of them being able to do this can help them take care of their space, instill lifelong cleaning habits that help them stay responsible in later life, and generally keeps your home looking pleasant and tidy. We can’t promise you’ll never step on a Lego brick with your bare feet again. However, with these tips, you can sure reap the benefits of a well parented little boy or girl:


If you’re going to ask your child to tidy their room, you need to give them the tools to do so. That much is obvious. However, you might need more storage than you think. Hanging storage baskets from the ceiling can add a nice sense of verticality to the room, and offer quick access to the most prized items your child enjoys. Kids bed collection at Cuckooland also offer storage potential if needing a new unit. Adding a bookshelf can help them situated their books and toy showpieces, while certain items in the kid’s bed collection at Cuckooland offer a range of under-bed storage so that your child’s belongings do nothing to impede the available spacial real-estate in the room.

Play Scenes

Of course, not all toys or belongings need to be thrown out of sight, out of mind each night. Allowing your child to recreate and enjoy ‘play scenes’ can be worthwhile. Might it be they have a large castle with many fantasy characters such as elves, archers and trebuchets? It might be worth allowing them to position these pieces in a manner that shows the entire war scene playing out, and just leaving it in one spot on the room dedicated to that.

This can mean that while the items are out, they are adding to the aesthetic in the room, and are placed in an organized, singular location. We can’t promise you won’t tread on the small helmets accidentally left in a couple of places around the room, but this can be a healthy method for them to arrange their belongings through.


It can be essentially important for your child to prioritize their goods. What does this mean? Well, it might mean placing much older toys they don’t play with anymore in the attic, allowing your child to return to those items anytime they ask. Sometimes children grow out of certain toys, especially when hitting puberty and beyond. Preserve some of their favorites, but long-term storage can sometimes be an option to free up room space, especially as they grow, saving everyone the effort of repeated tidying.

With these simple tips, helping your child organize their bedroom is sure to be effective.

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