Running A Blog: Expectation vs Reality

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There has been a surge in bloggers over the last five years, and it’s pretty clear to see why. The idea of running a blog is so appealing, particularly when you look at all the success stories out there. We’ve all been guilty of seeing people on social media, or in the news, who have started a blog and now achieved celebrity status. Bloggers are supposed to get paid well and enjoy the benefits of flexible working life, right?

It’s fair to say that most people have certain lofty expectations when they consider running a blog. Usually, this leads to a lot of failures as people don’t meet those expectations, so become frustrated and give up.

If you want to start a blog, then it’s vital you learn the reality of the situation. As such, I’ve tried to list all the common expectations people have and matched them up with what really happens.

Running A Blog Is Free!

One of the early expectations people have is that it costs nothing to run a blog. You have no overhead costs to worry about, which is why it’s so easy to make a profit from your work. In reality, this just isn’t really true. Sure, you can start a blog by using free website building platforms, but you will run into additional ongoing costs if you want to run a successful blog.

Firstly, you need to find a good hosting provider. This is essential if you want your blog to run quickly and have good security. Now, according to WHSR hosting market research, the cheapest providers you’ll find – that are actually good – will still charge around $4 a month. The more features you want from a host, the more you’ll pay. So, at the absolute bare minimum, you’re looking at $48 a year on this. Then, you have to pay for your domain name, which can cost a fair bit depending on what name you’re after. Following this, you may want to pay for marketing services to promote your blog and get it off the ground.

All things considered, you will be forking out some cash to run your blog. It’s not free, so don’t go into this assuming you won’t have anything to pay for!


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I’ll Get Rich Quick!

Again, it’s common to think that blogging equals lots of cash. This is because you’ve seen people that are earning a lot from this type of work, so you assume you can do the same. The reality of the situation is that it can take a great deal of time before you even start to make your first dollar from a blog. As we just said, you have expenses in the form of web hosting, domain names, and so on. Therefore, any initial money you make will go towards covering these costs.

What’s more, making money from a blog is all about getting traffic. The primary source of income is advertisements. It’s easy to get ads placed on your site, but you only really see cash when a substantial amount of people are viewing your site and clicking the ads. This means you have to spend time creating a blog that appeals to a very defined target audience. Doing this means the adverts on your site will appeal to the same audience, increasing the chances of engagement with them. So, you could make more money as more people click the ads.

But, actually building your audience takes loads of time and doesn’t happen overnight. It can be years before you start making enough money to even consider approaching this full-time!

Blogging Is So Easy!

It doesn’t matter how hard it might be to gain an audience, blogging is easy! This is what many people think as they start their first blog; it’ll be so easy to write posts and get loads of people clicking them and coming back for more. Yep, you guessed it, the reality is vastly different from this idea. Blogging is much harder than people think as you really have to take multiple things into consideration.

For one, you need to decide on what blogging topic to focus on. This is tough as you want to choose something that you’re passionate about, but equally, something that’s popular and has an audience. Then, you need to figure out what posts to create, and make them unique. Not only that, but you have to do this regularly every week – if you want to build a loyal audience. It’s not easy to churn out post after post after post every single day. Some people struggle to even get one out per week because it takes time to think of the topic, research it, create it, edit it, and publish it. What’s more, it’s easy to get writer’s block when you’re talking about a similar topic every week. It becomes so hard to try and make new articles, so you hit a wall very easily.

Blogging isn’t for everyone; you have to be creative and must be able to think about new posts all the time and stay consistent.

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Running A Successful Blog Means I Hardly Have To Work!

This is similar to the previous point, but the focus is more on the time spent working. Basically, people assume that life as a blogger is just a case of working for a couple of hours per week and enjoying loads of free time.

Unfortunately, this isn’t what happens. If you want a successful blog – successful being the critical word – then you have to put in hours of work every day. You never see what goes on behind the scenes when you visit someone’s blog. It seems like they hardly do anything, but their days could be consumed with brainstorming, managing analytics, managing social media, and so much more.

In conclusion; running a blog isn’t what you initially expect! Don’t get me wrong, it is still a very rewarding idea, and you can definitely make a career out of it. I just want to help curb your expectations, so you don’t assume certain things will happen. Hopefully, this puts you in a better position to actually start a blog.



  1. blogging is insanely difficult! I give you, and anyone else who does it full time, credit.

    It is a real challenge to find topics that are of interest and to keep up with posting these topics!

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