What a Girls Night In Looks Like As a Mom

Motherhood is considered to be the most challenging and fulfilling vocation in the world. It involves an endless task of enriching, nourishing, and cleaning a home. Mothers are faced with overwhelming responsibilities to their husband and kids. Home economics is not as simple as it looks. It is actually complicated and backbreaking, literally.

Apart from a regular session of Netflix and chill with hubby. One approach to lessen the stress, and let moms get a breath of fresh air is to go and attend a girl’s night out. According to studies, friendship among women boosts a bonding hormone called oxytocin. This hormone alleviates stress, lowers blood pressure, and increases positivity. So let’s explore what goes on  for a girl’s night out for mom.

Dressing up

A mother’s time revolves around the needs of the husband and the kids. They seldom have time to even put powder on their face. A girls’ night out is the perfect moment to settle down in front of the mirror, appreciate your beauty, and really contemplate about your dress. After all, it is a celebration of your commitment to motherhood. It is a chance for you to do something special for no else but yourself. There’s nothing wrong with finding your little black dress, and pairing it with strappy heels.

Catch up

Girls’ night out used to be about catching up with your female friends, but as a mother, it is more than just catching up. It is celebrating a sisterhood that stood the test of time.  Indulging yourselves with the company of your beloved friends all the while making meaningful discussions, complimenting each other, and comforting one another is what catching up is all about.


Just because you stepped out of the house, does not mean you’re not going to be a mom. You strive to give your family nothing but the best, so when chances like a girl’s night out occurs, you transform it into a mentoring session.

We know motherhood has different stages and you want to be prepared for it. A night out is the best setting to share useful information for taking care of family, kids, and us. We talk about life hacks for groceries, share tips on where to find fashionable clothing brands for kids, or DIY for house management issues.

We Celebrate Life

There are stereotypes about moms being boring, stern and serious, but we know how to have fun in the midst of our friends. We know how to party, mommy style. We are perfectionists in organizing our kid’s birthday, so being creative at our own party does not make us sweat. We like having spa parties, psychic readings, cooking classes, and even going bowling.

A published study in the journal Frontier in Psychology suggests that around 13% of parents experience high burnout once a week. At least once a week they felt exhausted, unproductive, incompetent and emotionally drained.

As a mother, we do not want to feel tired for our family. We always want to offer the best of us to them. So next time you get invited for a girls’ night out do not decline the invitation. You need it because a lot of our loved ones are dependent on our supremacy.


A night out with longtime friends is the best place to remember our past. Before we became a heroic mother, we are women first. Discussions about this are healthy for us because we get to reevaluate ourselves and redefine our dreams and aspirations. We take a step back and look at our well-being as a person.


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