7 Kids Cushions That Will Brighten Your Day – Even If You’re All Grown Up

We’ve all been there. We either know someone, or are someone who loves covering their bed in mountains of pillows. These people have a program to which they follow to ensure that each pillow is in its correct position and in the correct orientation. I for one, do enjoy having a few extra pillows on my bed. In saying that however, I detest the need for an abundance of pillows that don’t even serve their main purpose. Most of the decorative cushions these days are either covered in sequins or adorned with heavy stitching which makes them uncomfortable and in my eyes, unnecessary.

This is why I have become a convert to kid’s cushions for those extra pillows which I allow on my bed because they add a design flair unmatched by the mundane normality of generic designer cushions – while still being comfortable. Check out the range of kid’s cushions to brighten up any room available from Domayne and follow me as I take you through seven kid’s cushions to revitalize your room.

  1. Linen House Polar Bear Cushion

With a soft textured design, this cushion delivers a vibrant style and a sweet graphic perfect for all ages.

  1. Hiccups Paw Cushion – Brown

This cushion designed in the shape of a paw print is the perfect novelty cushion for your home. Use it on your bed, the couch or even make it the designated pet pillow for your furry friends!

  1. Little Star Novelty Cushion

Trimmed with gold tassels, this cushion provides sensory relief for those that like to fiddle. A gentle cotton knit and sweet cartoon face brings a cute calming addition to any room in the house.

  1. Hang in There Panda Cushion by Linen House and Domayne Australia

This lazy lounging panda pillow is the epitome of how we should all be on a Sunday evening. Framing this cushion, are pom-poms on each corner which gives a pop of colour against the soft pink printed cotton.

  1. Hiccups Shark Zone Cushion

Designed like a vintage shark zone sign, this cushion brings a smile to your face with its novelty bite mark inspired by movie classics. With a soft, velvety case, this cushion is gentle to the touch and perfect for Friday night movie marathons on the couch.

  1. Linen House Shiny Beetle Novelty Cushion

Make a statement with this shiny beetle cushion in a deep blue hue. Created out of polyester and PVC, this cushion is made for durability while still having a comfortable casing. Its deep shiny colour adds depth to any room and will have all of your guests drawn to see how it feels on their hands.

  1. Hiccups Happy Cactus Cushion

Finally, the Happy Cactus cushion is the perfect addition to any sitting area or bedroom. Its small but substantial size makes it perfect for having in your lap to hold when your pets have had enough of your love. This cushion is durable due to its polyester make and with sweet details such as the flower, it is sure to stand out in any room.

While a lot of things do become better the older you get, I have learnt that cushions are not one of them. With indulgent comfort and fun designs, adding kids cushions to your bedroom or lounge room will put a smile on your face and brighten your home.


  1. NormaJane Nowoselski says

    I hear ya… Comfort is what the life of a cushion should be 🙂
    Have you heard the Baby Shark song? Well our grand baby smiles every time some one sings it to him. That’s why I just love the Hiccups Shark Zone Cushion. It would make a great holiday gift to my daughter this year as a reminder of the Baby Shark song 🙂

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