Christmas Travel Tips for Parents

Christmas is on its way, and with it comes plans to travel. Traveling at anytime of year can be difficult enough, but with the holidays well underway, every struggle seems to be amplified, especially for parents. Whether it’s the extra anticipation that sends kids over the edge, the increased stress levels parents experience around the holidays or the general planning that comes with travelling with kids, there are ways to keep the stress to a minimum. There are several Christmas travel tips for parents that can keep your sanity in tact.

Time It Properly

With the Holidays come unpredictable weather. It is a good idea to ensure that you have a few extra days off from work. This will give you some wiggle room if illness hits, bad weather strikes, or you experience delays. This can also help you to avoid traveling during the peak travel days over the holidays.

Pack Effectively

There is nothing more frustrating than attempting to find something in a suitcase for you family and having to empty the entire thing just to get to it. Keep your suitcases organized using zipper bags with labels. This is an extremely great way to pack effectively. Label each bag with its contents and the name of the person it belongs to. Bring along an extra bag to store the dirty clothes in on your way home to keep it separate from the clean clothes.

Pack Snacks

No matter how you choose to travel this holiday season, make sure to pack an abundance of snacks. Finger foods like granola bars, string cheese, bananas and apples are perfect for travel with children. If you are bringing along beverages, opt for water. Children tend to only drink what they need of water, rather than guzzling down sugary juices. This will help to make sure you don’t need to stop for bathroom breaks as often.

Beat Rush Hour

While accidents and roadwork can greatly slow down your Christmas travel, you can at very least plan your travel around rush hour. You won’t want to leave during the morning or evening rush, so it’s a good idea to leave mid-day, early morning or even late at night if you are feeling up to it. Your children will probably sleep most of the way at this point.

Create a Schedule

When visiting family over the Christmas holidays, things can get a little hectic. Especially if you have a lot of family in the area expecting you to visit. Make sure you make your schedule known to everyone, so they know when you will be visiting people. If it’s not possible to see everyone individually, plan a meet up with everyone at one location so you can visit with them. Do not stretch yourself too thin trying to visit everyone individually if you have a large family.

There are several Christmas travel tips for parents that should be utilized prior to your departure. It is important that you allow yourself some extra days, pack effectively, bring snacks, leave at a good time and create a visitation schedule so no one feels left out and you don’t have to stretch your family too thin. Always remember, the holidays are supposed to be a fun and exciting time that everyone can enjoy. Including parents.


  1. I love the schedule tip and meeting with everyone in one location. Great tip to lessen the stress!

  2. Christmas is stressful enough without adding travel to th mix. Love these tips to make travel easier!

  3. kathy downey says

    Those are great tips because it’s a stressful time enough as it is !

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