Gift Ideas for Kids this Holiday Season

The holidays are right around the corner and Mattel Games, MGA Entertainment, and HEXBUG have the perfect gifts for everyone on your list! Recently Clair was sent some fun toys for her boys to try out. Check it out and add them to your holiday shopping list. 
HEXBUG (Ages 8+)
Who says learning can’t be fun! Give your kids the gift of STEM this year with HEXBUG. HEXBUG has a variety of products that encourage imaginative play, STEM learning and deliver physical, real-world play experiences. HEXBUG offers a variety of products that are beneficial for  individuals of all skill sets. Some of these great products include, HEXBUG Robotic Soccer, HEXBUG Battling Boxing Robots, and HEXBUG Ring Racer. 

The boys got to try out Hexbug Ring Racer, which can drive, tumble and spin flip into a 360 which is super cool to see, its like a car on 2 big wheels or a hamster in a ball as one said, this is for ages 8 plus but the younger boys were all over it and didn’t take much to figure out how to get it going, the oldest had it doing the stunts.

They had a race going since we got 2 do review, there is not much to them but sure is a lot of fun for them, the controllers are easy to use, up and down and side to side, myself didn’t get to play so not sure how they did the stunts but they loved it, what I loved the most was you could easy charge it up.

The boys enjoyed these little race robots and had fun racing them and learning new stunts with them.

Mattel Games (Ages 4+)
Disconnect from your phones this holiday season and reconnect with your family with Mattel Games. From fan favourite games like UNO and Kerplunk to new and innovative games like Squawk and Gas out – Mattel will bring hours of fun for the whole family. 

Games from Mattel

The boys got to do review for some games, which have now been added to our game nights, all I can say is there was some good laughs and lots of fun which they all loved

Squawk Game talk about laughs as you hear the Chicken squawk, oh my goodness it took a bit for the boys to set up the game to even start as they were too busy playing and laughing with the chicken when they got over the Giggling, squawking fun they finally started the game.

You have one chicken, one egg and the hen house, 1 dice, 1 egg token, 6 chick tokens, you get to roll the dice and whatever they number is you push down on the chicken and listen to the funny squawk if chicken flips and lays its egg you crack it open depending on what the token inside the egg shows if its broken egg you get nothing close up the hen and move on the the next player, if the token was a chick you get to collect a chick and then move on to next player, when all chicks are collected the player with the most wins

It really is a fun game for all ages, 4 and up with lots of giggles and squawks

Gas Out game is yet another game the boys loved of course it’s all about farts so they were being boys and loving it, the idea of this game is to play your card but don’t pass gas, this is like a fart cloud that will make some fart noises.

You want to put the fart cloud in the middle of the table while each player gets 3 cards, you push the cloud as many times as it says in the card if it does not pass the gas or fart then you’re still in and the next player goes, as soon as the cloud farts you’re out

There is some cards in the deck that will skip your turn or Reverse do can make it extra fun. The boys had a good laugh over this game passing the gas trying not to lol

KerPlunk was a great game to play with the boys as I remember playing that game so it was fun to see the joy they had playing something I knew, good laughs made family game night fun.

You have this tube that you get to put all these sticks in and then add the marbles to the top and slowly pull out a stick and try not to get marbles in your little numbered compartment, when a marble or a few fall you let them be, and then slowly move the tube to the next player the idea of the game is to have less marbles my youngest thought it was to have to most so he was excited that notice it was wrong but it was ok as we just played another round

You count all the marbles up at the end, the player with the least marbles wins, this is a great game for 2-4 players and says ages 5 and up but my 4 year had no problem playing when he understood it.

UNO card game is for ages 7 and up, we did play this as a family game and I was teamed up with Liam (4yrs old) so he understood that he could match the colour or the number but still needed some help which was ok

Uno there is 4 different colours, Red, Yellow, Blue and Green, all the cards have numbers on them or they have change colour, or pick up 2 or maybe even 4 but that is a change a colour as well, and there is a skip a turn and reverse.

Each player gets 7 cards, and you just play by colour or the number, if you don’t have it pick up a card, it will then passed to the next player, when you are down to your last card make sure you yell UNO, this game can be lots of fun can make them upset when they need to pick up cards and not get to play but it’s a game so all is meant for fun.

This holiday season when you are out buying gifts for the kids on your list, be sure to keep these ones in mind!

Disclosure-The above mentioned products were received free of charge 


  1. I love playing Uno with my two granddaughters, the 3.5 year old needs a bit of help but not much. I just bought the KerPlunk and the operation game for my house. I buy them Christmas present that stay at grandma house.

  2. There is nothing better than a good game night with the family

  3. Kristy Reid says

    Kerplunk and Uno are games I remember playing as a child. Kerplunk always got a little heated in our house… I’ve purchased an Uno deck to put in my oldest’s stocking. She loves games! 🙂

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