PLAYMOBIL’s hit Dreamworks Dragons

PLAYMOBIL is proud to announce that four new playsets have been added to their hit Dragons theme!  Spark your imagination as you soar off on an adventure with Snotlout and Hookfang. Join Gobber the Belch with Sheep Sling, and take part in Berk’s newest, exciting sport – dragon racing! Or, fight off your enemies with Fishlegs and Meatlug, the unstoppable duo! If you’re feeling a little mischievous, it’s pranks galore with brother-sister duo Ruffnut and Tuffnut and their dragon, Barf and Belch.

One of our favourite movies is How to train your dragon, so when I showed the boys the 2 Playmobil Dragon sets to review they were super excited, but yet so was I, so of course this meant we had to watch the tv shows as well while got to set up and play, I love that with Playmobil Dragon it was so easy for them to set up and didn’t need my help (yes made me sad to watch them grow up lol) these play sets we got are for ages 4 and up so it was perfect for them.

The boys thought they would set up one first which was Playmobil Dragon Race Playset, it only had 41 pieces and I know you think that may be a lot of a 4 year old but little man had no problem they both did it together as team which was great to see, so this set after setting up is Gobber the Belch with Sheep Sling, you want to sling the sheep into the baskets which would be teams on the baskets, which of course the boys had to race each other to see who would win

There was 3 sheep all together with this set, it took the boys some work to get it going but they sure did love it when they figured it out, it sure was great adventures and let their imagination play.

The next Playmobil Dragon was How To Train Your Dragon – Snotlout with Hookfang, this set was 33 pieces and again for ages 4 and up so they didn’t need my help they were able to set this one up as well on their own or with very little help, this one you got to ride the big dragon which of course they loved, it also had one sheep and crossbow with flaming arrows which shoot I know I got one in the forehead, this also came with a bucket and 3 little fish, so the boys really did Soar off an adventure.

I’m not saying they got bored as they didn’t they really did love the sets playing alone but hey when you have 2 sets why not put together and have even more fun with adventure, I loved the way they used their imagination it was so great to see them playing happy together with something they both love Playmobil and dragons.

This holiday season if you have a fan of How to Train your Dragon you will want to get one of these! Find these and other Dragon products at


Disclosure-We received the above mentioned product free of charge. As always, all opinions are Clair’s and honest. 

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