Professor Maxwell’s 4D chef for the Holidays

Spicebox has created an innovative way to inspire little ones to start their love for healthy cooking and food science early with their new kit called
Professor Maxwell‘s 4D Chef Professor Maxwell explains the wonders of food science while teaching many of his favourite recipes, like making your very own pizza as you learn about the power of yeast. Each recipe contains step-by-step instructions that come alive in real-time video as you glance at them through the goggles, showing you actual footage of how the step is to be done. 
Recently Clair and her boys were sent one to check out for themselves! Read her thoughts below.

Professor Maxwell’s 4D is a great way for the kids to get into the kitchen and learn about cooking, and discover the science behind food, it will teach them why the banana continue to ripen after it’s been picked? The boys really loved that got to try this out for a review.

The kit comes with so many things for them to do the baking/cooking and enjoy it, they loved the hat and apron made them feel like a real chef. It had all the measuring cups, a knife, cutting board, whisk, plus The hands-free goggles was pretty awesome as well made it easy for them to check out, once we got the app downloaded we were able to set up and start to bake.

The app is so easy, has a video to show you how to set up and get things going, plus it will walk you through each step which is perfect for not so good readers like my younger boys who are learning. The first thing they wanted to do was the candy. Which was fine, it however takes 3-5 days before it is done after the cooking so we are still waiting for the final outcome of that.

While checking out the book with the app Professor Maxwell will appear on the goggles which the boys love that he came alive right in front of their eyes, as for others we could not see but the great thing about the app is you can also use it hands free so we did that as well so we all could enjoy.

We made Kale chips, I know who wants to eat them but I loved them and I really enjoyed them, the boys didn’t really like it but it was the thought of green food I would get the boys to do it for me, this didn’t take long at all. We also made banana pancakes which was ok but we may of burn them a little more then they should have been, they understand the oven and I was there but when I asked them to turn the burner down I think they went up and I didn’t notice, my bad.

The boys want to bake much more with this and now think they are pros and want to cook all the time, they really did love how Professor Maxwell made it more fun for them plus they got to learn which I loved even more.


The above mentioned product was received free of charge. All opinions are honest and not influenced in any way 

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