The Best Pairings For Your Movie Night At Home

There is a difference between watching a flick on your television and hosting a movie night — the second is an event that needs to feel as special as going out to the theater. Before you decide on what to watch, you should make sure that you have the right comforts and refreshments to go with the occasion.

An enormous cozy blanket is ideal for sitting on the couch together, especially when you’re undergoing an ambitious movie marathon. If you are fond of crochet, you should go to the website Yarnspirations to find great Caron blankets for those nights in front of the screen — these patterns have helpful instructions and material recommendations that you can follow for absolutely no cost.

Look through their recent Stitchflix lookbook to find Caron yarn crochet patterns that match with the theme, including the clapboard blanket or pillows in the shape of film reels. Little kids will love to slip into their own personal snuggle sack in a fun shape like a popcorn bag or remote control.

A movie experience is incomplete without a big bowl spilling over with freshly-made popcorn. Ignore the microwavable bags and make a batch on your stovetop and cover it with melted butter and table salt. If those traditional toppings don’t suit you, you can give your taste buds an adventure with red coconut curry popcorn — this batch is filled with interesting ingredients like powdered ginger, chopped lemongrass, makrut lime leaves and chili powder. The spice-coated snack will turn your fingers a faint orange color but you can simply use it as an excuse to lick them clean.

If you prefer to indulge your sweet-tooth, drizzle the batch in a homemade caramel sauce and wait for it to harden into a crunchy treat — sprinkles of sea salt and handfuls of roasted peanuts will be good additions to this recipe.

Here are more flavor combinations that will turn your movie night staple into a delicious surprise:

  • Parmesan and rosemary
  • Lemon and dill
  • Garlic and herb
  • Ranch
  • Sriracha and lime
  • Maple bacon
  • Peanut butter
  • Cinnamon sugar
  • Rocky road
  • Cookies and cream

It’s always nice to have an assortment of snacks at the ready, in case someone else is hogging the popcorn bowl. A plate of sweet and salty chocolate-dipped pretzels will be an amazing choice for when you want to escape into a fantasy adventure or gripping mystery and they are very easy to make ahead of time. Dip pretzel twists or rods inside melted semi-sweet chocolate and then place them in the refrigerator to cool. After waiting fifteen to twenty minutes the chocolate should be hard, and the pretzels should be ready to eat.

There are a number of other things that you might want to have on hand, depending on the flick you choose. For a sappy romance or tragic drama, you will want to have a box of tissues nearby to dry your tears. On the other hand, nail-biting thrillers will be easier to get through with a pillow to clutch or someone’s hand to hold.


  1. That blanket is adorable. We have had many movie nights here lately and chocolate dipped pretzels would be a great addition to that lineup. Thanks for the idea!

  2. They all sound interesting.

  3. Lynda Cook says

    I love that blanket, perfect for the movie lover, and my favourite is the popcorn, loving all the different mixes!!

  4. David Smith says

    We love going to the movies but it has just become too expensive to take the whole family to often so we have movie nights at home regularly. We don’t make it like a night out so this is an awesome idea.

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