Before We Hit “Publish”… The Concerns We All Have Running A Blog


In essence, running a blog is very simple; you write a post, you publish it. That’s it! But when it begins to consume our lives, and not only this, but we rely on our blog to provide us with an income, not to mention a creative lifeline, this is where problems can arise. We all have concerns but what are the most prominent?

A Lack Of Traffic
If you’ve been in the blogging game for some time, and you’re not seeing an increase in traffic, this can prove to be very frustrating. The fact of the matter is, so many bloggers don’t think about how they will get more people to visit this site until the blog has been launched, and then the realization dawns that they’re not getting many visitors. But rather than let it discourage you early on, and stop blogging altogether, a few solutions can present themselves throughout this process. Firstly, look at your posts, because if you’re not providing content that demands attention, this is one vital thing that needs addressing. Other considerations include if you’re not marketing yourself appropriately, such as via social media, but also, are you getting yourself out there? In other words, are you networking effectively? If you are looking to get more traffic to your blog, but you don’t have working relationships with any other bloggers out there, this is a great starting point, not to mention the fact that it can also help with search engine optimization fine tunings and improving your rankings in those all-important search engines.

Technical Worries
Are you prepared for any technical problem that comes your way? When it gets to the point that your blog earns you a living wage, you’ve got to treat it as a business. Because what would happen if you have any technical problems or a virus wipes out, not just your content, but threatens to derail your site completely? Ultimately, you need to think about if people will return? You can keep in contact with your followers via other ways and means, but if you ever find yourself suffering at the hands of a hacker, you will be plagued with regret that you should have done something sooner. Getting help from a fully managed IT support company is an easy way to give you peace of mind in this respect. Because if you don’t have enough knowledge as far as the digital components are concerned and you’re relying on your blog to keep you afloat in a financial sense, you have to make the appropriate investments.

A Clearly Defined Vision
What is the purpose of your blog? If you are running a website where the primary function is to develop a small social network of followers, and the purpose is personal, this can give you a license to do almost anything you want with the blog. But, if you are looking to monetize the content, you have to find a way to give the blog a clear purpose. Many blogs can provide numerous strands of information, but if you started a blog in the first place to get your ideas onto the screen, and now you look back at your content and see that there’s no sense of structure, this is where we need to begin. Look at the story you want to tell. There are many websites that keep it simple and make it about themselves. After all, this is one of the fundamentals of good quality writing, write about what you know. When you get into the murky waters of monetizing your words, you’re turning the blog into a product, and while this product might be yourself, if you are operating without any sense of definition, this will most likely provide you with the reason why you’re not getting much traffic.

Creating a blog is something that so many of us do now, and therefore it can seem almost impossible to earn a living from it. If you are determined to make it work for you, it’s not just about treating it like it’s a business, but if you want to get your content out there it’s about those cornerstones that are constantly communicated. And it all boils down to one thing, great content. And the one way we can create great content when we are using ourselves as the product is to be as honest as humanly possible. When we are heartfelt and write about what we know, this makes your content urgent and important, and while we can’t please everyone, if we’re after a blog that’s successful and we need to operate it without the minimum of concerns, as well as these three components, focus on the content.

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