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My parents live on the other side of the country. I try my best to keep connected with them but reality is they is a lot. They miss out on my kids growing up  and all their milestones. It makes me sad but we try our best.

Over the years I have sent pictures and post cards, letters and even videos. My parents visit us once a year and are starting to use technology a bit more. This year we discovered Neveo and it has chanced everything!

Home is where the app is It’s so easy to keep in touch these days, all you need is one swipe and two clicks… But we tend to forget that some of our elders don’t find technology easy at all. So how can you make sure that grandpa enjoys watching his grandkids grow, or his children’s holiday moments? Easy, with this app called Neveo. What it does is pretty simple : upload your pictures, along with captions, and Neveo will compile it all in an easy to read newspaper every month. And they thought of everything for the holidays, offering 3 months off on the annual plan. You won’t need a sleigh or reindeer to show your love this year, whatever the distance!

Discover Neveo here:

Creating and keeping memories to share with loved ones is what makes the holidays so bright! Give a gift that will keep on giving all year long and keep the magic alive.

Check out Neveo and start sharing the love today!


  1. This is a neat idea! Great way to create a scrapbook of memories for the kids too.

  2. This sounds like such a wonderful app to keep the family connected and with this great deal it’s affordable for everyone!

  3. What will they think of next?! This is awesome. Better than sending a bunch of 4X6 that baba has no idea what or where or even who is in them. I will be looking up this app.

  4. My parents lived on the other side of Canada and I felt the same way as you do. I would have love Neveo. My kids are grown and both my parents pass away!

  5. This is an awesome way to share your stuff, my mother would totally benefit from this as well!

  6. I love the idea of this app. I’d use it for relatives who are not extremely far away but are not exactly super close either. We end up seeing them only a couple times a year, so it could still be a great way to catch everyone up on our activities.

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