Mibro & Really Rad Robot

MiBro, your robot partner in fun! MiBro’s the robo buddy who’s got your back! Take control of MiBro through his Really Rad Remote.
With Mibro you can:
– Play, prank, spy and command!
– Speak through him or put him into stealth mode to be your undercover agent!
– Play his smart-talking phrases and sounds!
– Play with his range of awesome accessories so you can practice your skills, blast away your enemies or use him to get your things!

Mibro & Really Rad Robots is a whole lot of fun for everyone, Mibro could be your best friend or can be played with other people as well no matter what it is fun. This is for ages 5 and up, the controller is not that hard to use. One thing I will tell you is batteries are not included takes 3AA and 3AAA batteries, which we did not have enough so the boys had to wait to play.

MiBro can dance, can be a little sneak and listen to what other people are saying, to get it in sneaky mode you would push the chest button and then drive, MiBro Robot can pass gas yes pass gas with either a fart or even a burp let’s say this was something the boys love a lot. He can also shoot his laser gun with the cool laser noises.

MiBro can play soccer even, moves the ball into the net and makes sounds as he is playing cheering on, it also has a a #1 fan glove. The net could be used as tray as well to grab some small things so Mibro can be at your service.

One thing that the boys really enjoyed was talking to each other from different rooms, the robot can talk for you by pushing the talk button and you can can talk away, plus you can hit the listen button and hear them talk back to you, they were laughing as whoever had the remote could change the voice to make it normal voice, Robot voice or helium voice which was a hit.

MiBro can prank, spy and play so why not have fun with it, MiBRO is packed full of smart talking phrases and sounds its awesome interactive features, they will love their new rebot partner in fun, Mibro & Really Rad Robots are $44.97

Disclosure-Clair received the above mentioned product free of charge. All opinions are honest and her own 


  1. Oh my Gosh. What a cute little guy…and the robot looks like fun, too!

  2. My kids would probably have WAY too much fun annoying me with this.

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