4 of the Best Ways of Building a Family

Raising a family is something that most of us want. Having kids, running around the house with them, coloring in their favorite coloring books, watching their chosen movie-of-the-month; these are all things people who want to become parents desire. Of course, this comes with the changing of the diapers, cleaning late-night throw-up, arguing with them over bedtime, and dealing with the inevitability of (dun-dun-duuuuun) puberty. But parents who have gone through all of this will tell you: “It is worth it.”

So what if a couple looking to build a family of their own have been unable to conceive? This can be heartbreaking for many would-be parents who want to experience the joys that many of their friends and siblings or cousins have been able to appreciate. There are ways to feel that joy, however; ways to get satisfaction raising a child and seeing them grow into a person. There are ways of building a family, and here are presented several of the best means of doing so.

In Vitro Fertilization

If you have not tried already, you should consider in vitro fertilization. Of all of the methods of artificial insemination, IVF is the one that has the highest rate of success in fertilizing an egg and starting a family. It requires fertility medication to encourage the body to produce more eggs, then one of the eggs are removed. It is then injected with the to-be father’s sperm and introduced directly into the uterus. This procedure, which is minimally invasive and does not require any recovery time, can be a couple’s best option to conceive a child.

Friends Are Family

While many people stop being friends shortly after a child is born, others strengthen their bonds to the friend who has given birth. It not only gives them another reason to love their friend, but it also gives them one more person to love. It takes a village to raise a child, and if someone is part of that close-knit group, they will be entrusted by the parents of that child to help raise it. It is possible to love another’s kid just as much as if it were their own. Anyone who has had difficulty conceiving a child of their own should remain a part of the village, not apart from it.

Volunteer with Kids

People who volunteer with kids love them. And volunteers can be loved right back by the children they engage with. Sports activities and religious functions are two of the ways people without kids of their own can build a family. Oftentimes, volunteers work with kids who do not have a true family either. They may have a mother or father, but that does not mean they have a mom or dad. They could be stuck with parents who are abusive or belligerent, who consume large amounts of alcohol or are addicted to drugs; with no positive adult figure in their lives. They may have only one parent or their parents are always working to pay the bills. By working with children, volunteers may be bringing them the only joy and excitement they have in their lives, and that makes both sides part of each other’s families.


There are over 130,000 children waiting to become part of a family. Some of them have never known a family, having been given up for adoption since birth or shortly thereafter. Some of these kids have lived with parents who are described above and have been removed from those situations.

The average child waiting to be adopted is seven years old and has to wait an average of three to five years before finally being chosen to join a family. Worse yet, there are thousands of teenagers waiting to be adopted. They have no support system established to help them through a formative time in their lives and they need a family just as much as younger children do. Couples who cannot have children of their own can adopt a child and give each other a family they all need.

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