How to Perfect your Wedding Day Makeup

Your wedding day is the one time in your life when you will be photographed the most. You want to look perfect for the occasion, which means beautiful skin and flawless makeup. Here are a few tips to help you achieve that picture-perfect look.

Prepare Your Skin

Healthy skin does not happen overnight. You need to prepare it well in advance, ideally six months before your wedding day. Make it part of your daily routine: exfoliate, clean, tone and moisturize. Use high-quality skincare products from retailers such as SkinCeuticals Canada. Do some research, and try products that complement your skin condition.

What you eat has a direct impact on your skin; eat healthily and drink much water to help it even more.

Be Yourself

It is tempting to go all out on your makeup for your wedding day. Although you want to look your best, remember to be true to yourself. If you usually wear next to no makeup, you might want to go for a more natural look. Do not give in too quickly into trends. They will pass, but your pictures will stay. What will you think of your makeup ten years from now when looking at those wedding pictures?

Water Resistant Makeup

You will be spending the day in the spotlight, literally. There will be sweat and tears. Water resistant makeup makes your life easier; it stays put and helps you be picture-perfect all day.

Practice Makes Perfect

Whether you do your makeup yourself or are having a friend or a professional do it, always have at least one makeup rehearsal. The vision that your friend or the professional has is not necessarily the same as yours. You do not want to be disappointed on your wedding day.

A makeup rehearsal gives you the chance to make adjustments. Focus on enhancing your best features, so they show on camera. Try different foundations and finishes to hide oily spots and hydrate the dry ones. On your wedding day, you will be under the camera flashes, so do a photo test at the same time. You will see what works on camera or not by testing it in advance.

Beautiful skin and makeup are but two small drops in the overflow of wedding preparations; but they are so worth the time and effort for you to be at your most beautiful, confident self.

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