4 Mistakes to Avoid the Next Time You Go Mattress Buying


Did you know the average person spends nearly a third of their life sleeping?

So why then, when it comes time to buy something as important as a mattress, do people buy the cheapest mattress they can find?

Listen, we get it. Mattresses can be expensive.

But there are some serious mistakes people are making when they go mattress shopping that can significantly impact their overall quality of life.

After all, there’s more to getting a good night’s sleep than having a sleep schedule.

That’s why today we’ve rounded up the most common mattress buying mistakes so the next time you’re out shopping, you don’t make the same ones.

1. Buying Too Small

While we’re not saying you should buy the California King mattress every time you need to replace an old mattress, we are recommending you err on the bigger side if you can.

After all, healthy people move around 40-60 times a night. If you sleep with a partner, you don’t want a small mattress.  Instead, you want to have enough room to move around comfortably.

2. Being Impulsive

It’s easy to walk into a showroom, lay on the first mattress you see, and decide it’s the one for you. But the truth is, many people do this and find out later after sleeping on their “perfect” mattress for a few weeks that it isn’t all they thought it would be.

Treat mattress buying like you would any big purchase. Do your research, test the models, and think about it before deciding. You and your body will be thankful you did.

3. Placing Too Much Emphasis on Reviews

Buying a mattress online is very convenient. But the problem with doing that is you have no way of testing it out for yourself.

And that’s where the mistakes start to creep in.

84% of people trust online reviews as much as they do personal recommendations. But you have to be careful when relying on reviews.

Check out how the 5 star ratings above are being reviewed by people that were given the product for free in exchange for a good review. That’s not only not helpful, it’s dishonest.

And while a few years back Amazon put a stop to this practice, you never know if the online store you’re buying from has that kind of integrity.

So, the mattress advice here is: read online reviews as they can be helpful, but do not put all your trust in them because they just might be fake.

4. Not Adjusting Your Expectations

Chances are if you’re in the market for a new mattress, it’s been a while since you’ve slept on anything different than the mattress you own for a long time.

This means that even if it doesn’t have the support or comfort you need anymore, it’s what you’re used to.

People who go mattress shopping and want to switch things up (e.g., go from a spring coil mattress to a memory foam mattress) forget that it’s going to take some time to get used to sleeping on something so different.

If you’re going to make a major change like that, keep in mind these two things:

  1. The decision to change is a big one since you should have your mattress for the nest 8-10 years. Make sure changing is worth it.
  2. If you do decide to switch mattress types, don’t give up too soon once it’s home. Give your body time to adjust.

In the end, buying a new mattress is a bigger deal than most people like to think. You spend a lot of time sleeping on it, it can affect your mental and physical well-being, and it’s going to cost a fair amount of money. So take care not to make these buying mistakes the next time you need a new mattress.

Sleep is vital for your quality of life. It helps you stay alert and focused during the day. It also helps your body with its metabolism, muscle repair and many other processes. If your mattress is lacking, your sleep quality will be, too. Checking out a mattress store guide to pinpoint a store close to you is the best way to find a new mattress to replace the old one. Shopping in person allows you to find exactly the right mattress to support your body while you sleep. You can also select from a variety of mattress materials for the perfect comfort level. With proper support and spinal alignment, you are more likely to get the rest you need and deserve.

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