Sleep Well with a Canadian Made Mattress

A good nights sleep is super important to your health. You spend your entire childhood wanting to stay up late I and when you turn an adult you just want to sleep. Being able to sleep in is a luxury most days. A few months back I went to a sleep clinic to evaluate my sleeping. I had concerns about my health and they monitored my sleeping. Turned out all was good so the only thing left to do was change up my mattress.

I recently received a new mattress from Brunswick to try out. So timing was perfect to change things up.

The bed is a queen size and is great for us. It is super soft and since we have been sleeping on it we have been sleeping so well! . The bed is real comfy and the moment my head hits the pillow I am out.

My family loves how it arrived all rolled up and vacuum sealed. It is easy to transport in a box. The moment we removed it from the box and cut the plastic the air filled and the mattress expanded.

This unbelievably comfortable pillow-top mattress is made right here in Canada.  I truly love laying on this bed. It is softer than my previous mattress.

The Brunswick by Novasbed is the best spring mattress in Canada. It starts at $ 649. This is very affordable considering you do not need a box spring either. A bed is an investment

As one of the first premium spring mattresses to be delivered in a box, the Canadian-made Brunswick is packed full of great features to benefit you and your sleep.

It is so convenient having your bed ordered online and delivered to your door. The kids love seeing the bed expand once it is out of the box.

Better Sleep Starts with Better Materials

Spring mattresses have been slept on for over a century and are still the most popular bed type in the world. Why? Because they work. Brunswick has taken this 100-year-old concept and added newer, better, and more comfortable materials, specifically for Canadian sleepers.

Not sure if Brunswick is right for you?

Every Brunswick comes with a 120-night sleep trial including the option of a full refund and free pickup. You need more than just five minutes to know whether a mattress will help you sleep well for weeks to come. That’s why you can try your Brunswick for 4 months.

When you choose Brunswick you choose the environment. Eco-friendly materials, sustainable manufacturing practices, and renewable energy are a key part in producing every Brunswick mattress. By supporting Brunswick, you are helping to protect Canada’s natural wonders.

After working a long day and being on my feet, I can not wait to get home and sleep in my bed. We have been loving this comfortable mattress and have only had it a couple of weeks so far.

Be sure to check out Brunswick online and on Instagram (brunswickbeds), Facebook and Twitter @brunswickbed .

Disclosure- The above mentioned product was received free of charge. all opinions are my own.


  1. This sounds like a really great mattress and I love that it’s made in Canada! We’re actually in the marked for a new one and will definitely be checking out the Brunswick mattress.

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