Spend Less while Shopping for the Family

Having a family brings love and joy to your life. It also brings more expenses, and the bigger the family, the bigger the expenses. Whether you need to buy groceries, clothes or school supplies, the bill can add up pretty quickly. How can you spend less while still providing for your family’s needs, especially when you’re on a tight budget?

Meal Prep

When it comes to meals, you want your family to eat enough, and eat healthily. Cook homemade meals instead of eating out. Restaurants and fast-food joints are real money pits that are easy to fall into after a big day at work.

Consider establishing a family cooking day to prepare quick meals for the week. Freeze any leftovers in containers that will make them easy to unthaw. If you’re tight on time one evening, heat up the leftovers when you get home from work instead of cooking something from scratch.

Save on Groceries

Check the weekly flyers for specials and make your menu and grocery list accordingly. Stock up on items that have huge discounts, and don’t be shy to use coupons. Eat before you leave, grocery shopping on an empty stomach is never a good idea, and don’t bring the kids if possible. It’s easier to stick to your list when no kids are there, wanting this or that. Switching to generic brands also saves you much money.

Do all your weekly shopping in one trip. If a store matches a competitor prices, remember to price match, giving only one stop to make.

Grow a garden, if you can. You will be able to enjoy fresh vegetables all summer long, and you can easily freeze any extras for later in the year.

Clothing, Toys and More

Kids can sometimes outgrow their clothes within a few months. Don’t shy away from hand-me-downs. Consider buying clothing that is unisex, especially when you have a baby or babies, this way you can pass them from one child to the next.

Get together with a group of friends that have kids around the same ages and do a clothing swap. Everyone brings items they don’t use anymore; clothes, toys, and accessories. What could be useless to one is useful to another!

Repurpose old clothes. Cut ripped jeans at the knee to make shorts. Shop at discount outlets, yard sales, second-hand stores, and liquidation stores. You can usually find almost anything at a fraction of the original price. Can’t find exactly what you need there? Continue watching the flyers for discounts worth cashing in on.

Save on Back-to-School

When it’s time for the kids to go back to school, it can be hard financially. Some schools have supply lists that can be pretty expensive, which doesn’t include clothes, shoes and other needs. Ideally, a great strategy would be to save up during throughout the year so that you’re not short on cash when back-to-school comes around.

One easy way to save $1378 during the year is the 52-week challenge: You save $1 the first week, $2 the second week and so on until you put aside $52 on the fifty-second week, for a total of $1378. Whichever way you find most comfortable, saving for these expenses before hand is always the best option.

If unexpected expenses arise during the year which deplete your savings, a credit card can be useful. If it’s already maxed out, you can always borrow money online. Online creditors simply need proof of income to consider your application. The interest rate is high, but they can help out when you truly need it.

Make a Habit of Being Frugal

With time, you’ll find your favourite discount shops, and saving will become a habit. Just cutting the coffee shop in the morning will make a world of difference on your savings account at the end of the year. Analyze your expenses, revise your budget, and adjust your lifestyle. It’s up to you to see what you can do to save more while providing for your family.


  1. I try to be frugal whenever possible.

  2. Stephanie LaPlante says

    I would consider my family to be very frugal. We do everything we possibly can to save money and still be able to live comfortably. We definitely want to start growing our own garden this year. Especially because the price of groceries keeps rising.

  3. I always shop the flyers. 🙂

  4. kathy downey says

    I always watch and shop for the best deal!

  5. Cheryl Grandy says

    There are lots of ways to save money, so you can choose the ones that make the most sense for your own family.

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