Things to Remember When Selecting a Flower Girl Dress

As most of us are stuck up and the life is pretty much on hold because of the post-holiday polar vortex, many women are all set to be the spring or summer brides and the preparations are in full swing. Everyone pretty much knows how to manage the bridal affair and the bride has a whole bridal party and a team of stylist dedicated to managing her for her big day. However, there are those little mini brides too who get all the attention from the guests for their cuteness overload. The tiny munchkins dressed in pretty frocks and maxis preceding the bride through the altar are popularly known as the flower girls and are important, and also the sweetest part of the entire event.

These flower girls are meant to stay along with the bride for the entire event and are also part of the much important bridal photos. Therefore, it is important that their dressing and representability is given due to attend. Whether you are a bride or a parent to the flower girl, there are a few things that you need to understand when picking up a dress for the little doll. It is important for both the parent and the bride to understand the dynamics of dressing up a little kid for such an important event.

The Budget

Flower girl dresses can be expensive and the responsibility of arranging the dress is assumed by the parent. If you are a parent, set a budget beforehand and research your options well. If you are a bride who will be deciding on the flower girl dress, be mindful of the fact that someone else will be paying up for it so do not end up picking something too expensive. Go for a dress that the parents can afford easily.

The Color

This aspect will be largely driven by the bride’s preference and the overall aesthetics of the wedding theme. If you are a parent, make sure you involve the bride at this step and ask her what she would prefer. If you are a bride, decide whether you want the girl to be dressed like a mini bride or be aligned with bridesmaids. If your idea of a flower girl is a mini bride, look for ivory or white flower girl dresses. If you are going for any other color, make sure it settles well with the overall team and does not look off.

The Style

There are hundreds of different styles available in the market. However, as a bride even if you are too keen on having the flower girl to emulate your bridal dress, do not make them wear gowns with long tails. Kids are hyperactive and will be on their toes. It will not be easy for them to manage such intricate dresses. Stick to something light, comfortable and manageable. Heavy embellishments and itchy fabrics can be discomforting for them. Likewise, make sure that the dress is weather friendly and does not make the child feel too cold or too hot.

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