2 Simple Ways to Be an Unforgettable Gift Giver

Gift giving is an art form.

Ironically, few people take the time or make the effort to give away memorable gifts.

Instead, many go about the entire business of gift giving in the wrong way.

Some give cheap gifts like candy or liquor that end up in wastebaskets or on waistlines! Usually, the candy is something that was not even bought from a specialty shop and the liquor was purchased from the local liquor store.

Others give gifts that show that they did not put much thought into it. In fact, you would not be far off if you suspected that they just ordered it off Amazon. These gifts are uncreative.

Still, these are not the worst offenders. Those are the people who re-gift. When the holiday season rolls around, they simply stockpile the gifts they receive in an attic and then bring them out during the next year.

Here, then, are some ground rules for giving away gifts that encourage the recipient to think of you with love and gratitude and to regard you as an exceptionally kind, generous, and thoughtful person.

Go Above and Beyond

Imagine that you have a friend called Judy. She has been your friend for years. Now, on her 70th birthday, you want to give her something that will touch her deeply.

Unfortunately, Judy is a hard person to find a gift for. What can you do to go above and beyond her wildest dreams?

One thing you know about her is that she loves her cat, Tigger. She adores her Maine Coon and considers him her closest companion. With that in mind, here is something creative you can do:

Visit her and take pictures of her cat without telling her the real reason why you’re doing it. Then send your best photograph to a website that specializes in pet portraits and they will create an oil painting from your photograph.

Imagine Judy’s surprise when you show up at her birthday party with a large portrait of Tigger!

If this idea of gifting someone with a personalized painting is new to you, you may want to read one of the reviews of PaintYourLife. It will explain the whole process of how paintings can be made from photographs.

Give Something of Value  

Often people assume that they are good gift givers because they are generous. They give gifts that cost a high dollar amount. This, however, is an oversimplified view of value. The value of something lies in the eye of the beholder, not in the amount of money that was spent on it.

So instead of thinking of a gift as valuable because it costs a lot, think of value as satisfying an unfulfilled need.

If, for instance, you’re a father and you want to surprise your son with a car on the day he graduates from college, it’s not enough to buy him a new car—buy him a car that he will absolutely love, perhaps a car like that red mustang whose poster he hangs on the back of his bedroom door.

These are two simple rules to become an unforgettable gift giver: Give people gifts that surpass their expectations and give them gifts that provide them with meaningful value.


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    That would make the perfect gift! What a great idea!

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