10 Ways to Improve the Security of Your Home Effortlessly

A home is supposed to give you peace, but sometimes that feeling can escape you if you do not feel safe. Do not fret, there are a number of things you can do to try to improve the security in your home. The following are 10 steps you can take to get that peace you long for.

1. Lock Upgrade

One step you can take is to install mortice locks. These are specialty locks that are not normally installed in homes, but you can go ahead and upgrade.

The bolt for these locks goes into the door jamb, which makes it virtually impossible for the door to be opened, even if the panel is broken. Several insurance companies encourage clients to install these kinds of locks, so consider this simple and relatively inexpensive step.

2. Window Locks

Windows do not normally come with locks installed, but that does not mean you cannot install some. Regrettably, burglars sometimes use windows to gain access to a home, so you need to take this step to stop them in their tracks.

What you want to do is have your locksmith evaluate your windows and help you install the best type of window locks. Now, it is important that you make it a priority to lock those windows when they are not in use. This might be hard at the beginning since you are not used to locking your windows, but do your best to make it a habit.

3. Security Systems

Another simple step you can take is actually installing a security system. Potential criminals will likely move on if they see that your home is armed with an effective security system.

Now, it is important that you get the very best security system out there to get the most out of your investment. This means you will have to research some of the highest rated systems out there, and you can read more here to figure that out. Second, you should have this system installed professionally to ensure it is working well.

4. Light it Up

Visibility is something that would-be criminals do not want. This is the reason you need to work on adding more lights to your home.

For example, you can install body heat detecting floodlighting that turn on whenever it detects something around your home. The light is strong and a little blinding, but it helps keep criminals away. The inside of your home should have some motion detecting lights to help keep people out as well. This light system can be attached to your alarm system, so keep that in mind.

5. Keep Away

This one might be a little strange, but the reality is you may actually be making things easier for a burglar without even knowing if you leave them tools that can be used to break in.

A burglar can use shovels, hammers, ladders, and ropes to gain access to your home. You want to lock away anything that can be used to gain access to your home in a locked shed or garage. Burglars probably don’t carry around these items, so leaving them out might make breaking in much easier.

6. Smart View

You aren’t always thinking about the possibility of a break-in, but that might put you in danger, especially if you leave valuables in plain sight. You’d be surprised how many times a person might leave laptops or jewellery boxes near a window.

Do your best to put all valuables in a place that cannot be seen. These valuables will tempt a would-be burglar, so put everything away, or at least cover these items.

7. Use Nature

Nature can give you all sorts of tools against burglars. There are thorny hedges, shrubs, and climbing vines. You can have a gardener help you plant these types of natural barriers on your property.

You might not think these barriers are effective, but the reality is they are quite tedious to remove by hand. A burglar could take ages trying to cut through them and is probably not going to have time to get through these barriers. This should help make your home a little less attractive, which is what you want.

8. Neighbourhood Watching

Safety is something you and everyone around is interested in. This is the reason it might be a good idea to either join the neighborhood watch or create one.

These community efforts can help everyone be a little safer because you have many eyes watching over your property. Of course, this does mean you’ll have to do the same and keep an eye on your neighbour’s property. This could help you stay safe, and it may even help you make friends.

9. Don’t Advertise

It is quite common to share your adventures and all the things you are planning online. You have friends and family members to impress, so the idea is not that strange, but the problem is burglars know this, too.

Some criminals try to follow social media accounts to find out when you are going out of town or when you might not be home. You do not want to give them these clues, so do not advertise your location or your plans. It is best to share some of these events after the fact rather than before to keep your home safe.

10. Be Wary

As scary as this might sound, some criminals get tips from or work with contractors that work on homes.

There are a few things you can do to prevent this from happening to you; for one, make sure you always hire certified contractors with years of experience. Second, you can make sure all valuables are hidden away when you let someone in so that this person does not think your home contains anything valuable.

These are just some ways you can make your home a little safer. You can talk to your local police officer to see if he or she can inspect your home and give you additional tips to make it safer.

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