15 Amazing Gift Ideas That Guarantee to Blow Your Loved Ones Away

Finding the perfect gift can either be a fun or real pain. You need to really know the person you are buying a gift for or you will miss the mark on the perfect gift. You want your gift to be unique as well as useful.

Naming a star is what this great company does and gives your loved one a unique and lasting gift. Here are 15 more amazing gift ideas that are guaranteed to blow your loved ones away.

1. Instant Help
There are several “dots” on the market that offer instant assistance for everything from the weather report to playing trivia games to keep your brain sharp.
Depending on your Internet connection, these helpers can keep pace with song requests, grocery lists and reminders for everything your busy family does.

2. Night Light for the Toilet
When nature calls during the middle of the night, you have to get out of bed, make your way to the bathroom, then blind yourself with the bright lighting.
Night light for the toilet is exactly what it sounds like. A small, colorful light that illuminates the toilet only so you won’t need the bright overhead light.

3. Multi-Use Tool
This pocket-size tool will open mail, open a bottle, tighten screws, loosen screws, and peel oranges. It can also act as a door latch slip for your protection, a headphone wrap and a kickstand for your cell phone.
These are made of stainless steel and about the size of a credit card. This handy gadget is also TSA approved so you won’t have to leave it at home when you travel.

4. Beverage Cooler
This is an individual beverage chiller to make iced coffee, slushes, and chilled liquors. This simple device will freeze coffee, heated to 130° in less than a minute for delicious cold and refreshing drinks.
The canister needs water and to be left in the freezer overnight. Save money, and time with your own ice brewed coffee drinks.

5. Washable Keyboard and Mouse
Know someone who is always on their computer? Do they eat and snack there and tend to be a little clumsy with the food? The perfect gift is a washable keyboard and matching mouse.
These specially designed keyboards are sealed and easily cleaned with soap and water. Not only do they keep food particles out of the keys, but they also help cut down on germs that live in between the keys and on your mouse.

6. Color Coded Cutting Board
For the amateur chef, a color-coded cutting board is the perfect gift. The cutting board is made with standard bamboo, but tucked underneath are several colorful cutting mats. These mats prevent cross-contamination of foods.
Designate a different color mat for each type of food, including meats, veggies, cheeses, baked goods, fruits and more.

7. Biometric Tracker
For the fitness buff on your shopping list, a biometric tracker can help keep them on pace for optimum health. These trackers keep count of more than steps and heart rate. They will tell the person wearing the wristband when they are dehydrated, need more protein in their diet as well as when to slow down.

8. Light Up Alarm Clock
This is no ordinary alarm clocks. It mimics the sunrise so you are not jarred awake with a loud noise or bright flashing lights. It is a gentle way to start the day.

9. Photo Prints
For the individual that is always sharing photos, have their favorite photograph printed on glass, metal or wood. These unique prints can be shaped into different outlines like family trees, individual states, and nearly any object for something different. The sizes are also customizable.

10. Key Finder
For the person that is unorganized and forever losing their keys, purchase them a key finder set. Simply attach the stylish fob to a key ring and install the app on their phone. There are different ranges, but most will find a set of keys within the average size house.

11. Air Purifier
For the family that suffers from allergies all year round or the ones that simply want to be healthier, get them an air purifier.
Whether it is pet dander, dust mites, smoke, mold or general germs, a room air purifier can clean the air and help the occupants breathe a little easier.

12. Outdoor Game Pack
With an outdoor game pack, there is something for everyone in the entire family to enjoy. Getting the kids and adults outdoors for some fun in the sun can help not only with their physical health, but their emotional well being as they spend time together.
Most of the games are made of hard plastic and safe for all ages. Choose a set that includes horseshoes, Cornhole, badminton, air-scoop ball, ring toss and a bowling game like bocce ball.

13. Zero Gravity Chair
Designed by NASA, the zero gravity chair evenly distributes your weight so there is no force acting on the body. This reclining position removes stress on the body and helps to keep you relaxed and over time, comfortable and nearly pain-free.
This type of chair will also alleviate swelling and pressure on joints. This is the same position the astronauts take when they descend into space so there is no stress on their bodies.

14. Long Distance Lights
These lights look like lanterns and light up when you pass your hand over the top. Because they are synced together, the other one, no matter where in the world it is located, will light up at the same time.
These are called, “friendship” lights and when you have one and your friend has one, you can let each other know you are thinking of them. They are perfect for grandparents and grandchildren.

15. Fresh Herb Garden
These fresh herb gardens are perfect for any size kitchen. They are self-contained and most grow with only water. You can add a touch of spice to any meal, at any time, when you grow your own herbs right there in your kitchen.
Take your time and find the perfect gift for your friends and loved ones; they will appreciate your thoughtfulness and think of you every time they use the gift.


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