Dividing the Time: 5 Essential Principles for Sharing Bathroom Space with Your Significant Other

When you decided to set up home together it probably wasn’t a topic of conversation that was the first thing on your mind but no matter how well you get along with each other there are often some essential ground rules that need to be established with regard to bathroom sharing, if that cordiality is going to continue.

There are always two sides to any argument, of course, and how you view the prospect of sharing bathroom space with your significant other could be influenced by your gender as much as anything.

Here are some pointers to consider regardless of what side of the fence you are coming from when it comes to bathroom etiquette and protocols.

When it’s time for important business in the bathroom

It might be a touchy subject but it’s best to clear the air, so to speak, when it comes to using the restroom for a sit-down or standing performance.

This is an important discussion to have rather than making any assumptions and if you both understand and appreciate each other’s toilet tendencies and preferences, it should help to avoid any awkwardness or annoyance.

Some of us find it perfectly acceptable to leave the door open while using the restroom, while others consider it the height of bad manners and very embarrassing to share your toilet moments with others.

If you both feel the same about sharing the bathroom in these moments and don’t have any hang-ups about sharing when the toilet roll is in use, no problem, but it’s best not to assume.

This is one aspect of bathroom sharing that has probably created more relationship tensions and issues than any other aspect of living under the same roof.

It makes a lot of sense to agree with and respect your partner’s views on this aspect of bathroom sharing.

Tidiness ranks up there with cleanliness

If you are a neat freak then you might want to visit UniqueVanities.com, for example, to get some ideas on how to store everything away out of sight after use.

What you do with your towels before and after use is another hot topic that can cause friction between couples, especially if you have differing views on what’s acceptable.

Leaving wet towels lying around and all your products out on the side after you have used the shower and got ready for the day, is going to upset someone who finds it hard to relax when surrounded by mess.

Don’t risk a towel war or a confrontation over putting things away after use, especially if you know that your partner has vastly different views to you as to how the bathroom should look after use.

Fitting a vanity unit and some storage solutions could prove a good compromise as it makes it easy to hide things away and keep the bathroom looking neat and tidy.

Breaching the acceptable sharing boundaries

Hair care and all sorts of other branded products are often an expensive purchase and that means that whoever you are sharing the bathroom with is not welcome to help themselves without asking or offering to fund a replacement.

If there is one thing that can instantly create friction in the bathroom it is the discovery that there is a small drop of your favorite shampoo, which you only discover once you have stepped into the shower.

Some products don’t crossover between gender boundaries, but if you fancy a quick spray of that new deodorant that has appeared on the shelf, it’s probably best to ask permission before helping yourself.

If you really do practice the “what’s mine is yours” mantra, no problem, if you make that assumption it could lead to some heated exchanges if you overstep acceptable sharing boundaries.

Toilet paper tensions

Every bathroom needs a supply of toilet paper to hand and one surefire way to stir up a sense of annoyance is when you use the last few sheets and don’t replace the roll.

Running out of paper altogether and being the last person to use it without fetching a replacement from the store, is bad enough, but the simple and kind act of replenishing could also have unexpected consequences.

It seems that if you put the toilet paper in the wrong way up, that’s enough to upset some people.

Apparently, the way you replace your roll says something about you, and it could highlight some differences between you, who would have thought?

Steamy windows

If you have taken pole position in the bathroom and showered first lest hope you had the foresight and courtesy to ventilate after use.

Stepping into a steam-filled room when you want to use the mirror to shave or put your makeup on is frustrating and annoying because you have to clear the steam before you get started.

If you were to create a set of rules relating to bathroom etiquette the subject of ventilation would be right up there as a top priority.

It is a simple and courteous thing to do to set your extractor fan running when you first enter the bathroom and before you start to shower, then leave it running for a good 20-minutes or so after you have finished so that it has the chance to clear the fog.

Mornings can be very hectic in the bathroom, especially when everyone has to be out of the house by a certain time, which means that having to fight your way through a steam-filled environment is going to set the wrong tone for the day with your significant other.

Don’t risk that happening by remembering to clear the steam and leave the bathroom with the same clear atmosphere that you enjoyed when you first walked in.

Alternatively, you could spend some money on a demister mirror if you want to be sure that steam is not a source of annoyance in your shared bathroom.

Follow these basic principles with regard to bathroom sharing and it should lead to a more harmonious sharing experience, which has to be good news for everyone.

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