6 Things to Ask Yourself Before Filing for Divorce

Your health and well-being should be the most important thing you focus on, and sometimes this means getting out of an unhealthy relationship. However, getting a divorce is not something that is easy or quick to do, so it’s not something that should be taken lightly. Instead, a divorce can take a major toll on you, your finances, and your overall health, so it’s important you ensure it’s something that makes the most sense for you and your situation. If you have contemplated filing for divorce, here are six questions you should ask yourself first.

1. Can my marriage be saved?
There’s a reason you married your spouse, so don’t just throw that away. Instead, think about whether or not your marriage can be saved and if it’s something you and your spouse can work on. For instance, if you’re contemplating divorce just because of a few arguments, it may not be worth breaking up your marriage. However, if you know deep down that your marriage cannot be saved (or if there is any type of abuse going on), then divorce may be the answer. But before you head out and file papers, make sure this is exactly what you want.

2. What will happen with the kids?
If you have children, custody will become a major topic in your divorce. Be sure you have an understanding of what will happen with your children as well as who will receive custody of the children. If you at all think there will be a custody battle between you and your spouse, you should talk with a custody lawyer beforehand to understand your options. According to a child custody lawyer in Jonesboro, “Custody is often the hardest part for people during a divorce, so the more informed parents can be, and the more willing they are to work together, the better it will be for the child and the divorce timeline in the long run.” If both parents are fit to raise a child, allowing joint custody could be the best solution for your child.

3. What will happen with our assets?
If you and your spouse share a bank account and other assets, these will need to be divided during your divorce. Sometimes this is decided upon by the court or sometimes you may be able to handle it with mediation. Just understand that dividing assets could often lead to arguments and can be a lengthy process. If you want certain items, then you’ll need to be prepared to fight for these items or to compromise on other assets. Having a lawyer assist you would be the most beneficial during this situation.

4. Where will I live?
Most people will not continue living together when getting divorced, and if you initiate the divorce, there’s a good chance that you’ll need to be the one to leave the house. In these instances, you’ll need to know where you are going to live for the time being. Will you stay with a friend or family member? Or would you rent a place on your own? Or will you consider temporary housing? Having this planned out will help you be prepared ahead of time so you’re not scrambling after the divorce has been filed.

5. How will my life change?
You also need to consider how your life will change after the divorce. For instance, you will now be responsible for more things that you possibly used to share responsibility for. In addition, if you have kids, you’ll need to balance your own schedule with that of your child’s and your custody arrangement. You’ll also need to figure out how your living arrangements will change and if this divorce would require a change in jobs or financial status.

6. Is this what I really want?
As mentioned before, divorce isn’t easy, so it’s not the solution you should choose just because. Before you decide to find a local lawyer and file divorce paperwork, you need to really ask yourself is this what you want. Think long and hard about why you are having these thoughts and if this is what you really truly want to happen. If so, then you’ll have your final answer.

Divorce will be a lengthy process and it will definitely change your life, so it’s important you don’t make any rash decisions. Instead, ask yourself these questions and see if you still feel the same way once you think it all through.

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