Label it with Stick 2 Me- Great for Summer Camps

The school year is soon going to be over. It seems to go faster and faster every year. Everyone around here has been signing up for summer camps and sports teams. Overnight camps and day camps are a lot of fun for children of all ages. Even if kids only go to camp for a few hours a day they take some belongings with them.

Bathing sits, lunch bags, jackets, a change of clothes and even a backpack need to be clearly labeled. Stick 2 Me has a fun, colourful selection of labels printed and customized.

Stick 2 Me is a Canadian company that sells amazing customizable labels for children (and more!). Ordering is easy and super quick. Choose what you want the label t say, choose a design and submit.

When I send prizes directly to my readers I like to add a label of my own to the package. These round labels are perfect for letters and belongings.

We did up a few different labels for my daughter as well.

You can choose a style based on your interests and hobbies. There are lots to choose from. You can add the wording you want, name, phone number etc.

The labels stick great on canvas, clothing, and plastics. These are fun, durable, and waterproof labels great for all.

Whether our children go to school, camp or daycare, all their belongings must be identified. This is a good thing: it saves time and money, as what is identified is more easily found and we don’t need to buy the item again. Using Stick 2 Me, you can create customized labels in three easy steps. A very useful solution for any busy parent and a great gift idea for family and friends.

I am confident that my daughter will be having a great time this summer while swimming and playing soccer.  I am also confident that she will not lose her belongings. Anything we have leftover I can use to label her supplies in the Fall. If we do not have any left, I will just get online and create some more. Fast and easy!

Before you send your children off to camp this summer head on over to Stick 2 Me and get your labels started.

Disclosure- This is a sponsored post. All opinions are honest and my own 


  1. Lynda Cook says

    They have great stickers, and I love how well they stick to clothing and stay on!

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