Ready to Care- Showing the Seniors in your Life Appreciation #ImreadytoCare

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From spending time in the kitchen baking with grandma to throwing a baseball outside with Grandpa, the seniors in our lives create so many fun memories. In fact, sometimes the bonds we create aren’t even with seniors that we are related to. They can be neighbours, a mentor or simply a friend.

For me, my grandma is who I think about when I think of inspiring seniors. Not only did she help raise me, but she loves to be involved with my children, her great grandkids. The effort she has always put forth to teach me, guide me and inspire me has always been a critical element of my life. Now she is doing the same for my kids. My grandma is incredibly important to me because without her, I have no idea where I would be today.

I am also lucky enough to have met some lovely senior neighbours. 5 years ago, when my family moved to our new home, they greeted us with open arms. They spent hours with us from that day on, always lending a hand when needed, visiting with the kids and sharing tea and cookies on the porch. There was however, one day when I looked outside and saw the ambulance at their house. My heart dropped. Shortly after, the beautiful wife, who I also considered family had passed away, leaving her husband behind. Now, we make sure to visit often, sometimes bringing him hot meals, spending time with him over the holidays and simply just chatting whenever he needs to.

You see, these relationships are important to both me and my children. They shape who we are.

From your neighbours to your grandparents and other seniors you may have met along the way, there are so many ways that you can show you care. You see, seniors deserve to be cared for, loved and feel wanted. After all, they have given us that courtesy for years. In fact, I would only hope that I am treated with respect, love and compassion when I join the senior community.

cute little girl with her grandmother holding cherries in the garden

This is where Ready to Care comes in.

What is Ready to Care?
Ready to Care was established in 2018 through Home Instead Senior Care. This initiative was designed to enhance the lives of seniors, aging adults and their families through change. Empowering and inspiring others to change the aging experience through education, service and giving. Their philosophy is that if everyone can do a little bit of care, we can care for everyone. The Ready to Care movement encourages everyone to work together as a team to increase the world’s desire and ability to care for our aging adults and seniors.

Join Ready to Care
Did you know that before 2020, people aged 65 and older will outnumber children under the age of 5 for the first time in human history? In fact, by 2050, the 65+ population will be more than double that of the world’s youngest citizens.

This means that soon not only will seniors out number the younger population, but we will also be faced with a shortage of those who are able to provide support. If this is true, who will be caring for the seniors of the world? This brings us back to the Ready to Care movement’s philosophy: If everyone can do a little bit of care, we can care for everyone.

Through education, understanding and everyday acts of kindness, together we can make the process of aging much more positive for the seniors of the world. Whether we check in on a neighbour, run errands or simply listen to a senior’s stories, spreading cheer and making someone smile is possible with the Ready to Care initiative.

Join Ready to Care to get tips, inspiration and weekly care missions to help a senior on your community today.

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  1. As demographics change, we’re certainly going to have to do things differently. I agree we’ll all need to pull together.

  2. Seniors deserve to enjoy the rest of their lives after retirement and after raising their own children. I think we are at a very interesting time in terms of understanding what will be needed over the next 20 years to help seniors live their best lives. My one girl is pretty certain she wants to work in the field of geriatrics. She just finds seniors way more interesting.

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