To Travel is To Live: The Ultimate Travel Advice According to Your Zodiac Sign

What do Millenials love more than coffee, carbs, and sex? Travel!

A recent survey indicated that Millenials would give up those three things if it meant traveling. With all that traveling, what’s stopping you from packing your bag and hitting the road?
Everyone could use some travel advice before they embark on their next journey. Keep reading to learn travel advice according to your Zodiac sign.
Aries is the more adventurous of the Zodiac signs. Because of this, organization and planning aren’t your strong-suits.
Enlist a friend or a travel agent to help you fine-tune the details of your trip. Once you get the essentials down, then you can be the adventurous traveler. The best place suggested for Aries to travel based on their Zodiac sign is England. This country is full of the same passion and energy as Aries.
Taureans enjoy comforts and everything luxurious.
For this reason, they should avoid any back-packing or traveling that involves hostels. Instead, opt for shorter trips that you can splurge on. Consider high-end resorts and fancy restaurants to get full enjoyment from your trip.
Because of this, you’ll enjoy visiting Cyprus or the Greek islands.
Gemini’s are known for their indecisiveness. This can make planning a trip and following through with those plans complicated.
For this reason, you should build flexibility into your travel. Plan loosely and let yourself decide in the moment. If not, you’ll be changing your plans every second leading up to the trip and causing stress. Geminis should consider traveling to Belgium. This country is very versatile and has anything to offer if you change your plans last-minute.
Cancers are creatures of habit and like things they are already familiar with.
We suggest Cancer’s avoid traveling overseas, as the culture shock can be too much. Instead, travel close to home and explore places you are already somewhat familiar with. To make things even easier, bring a friend or family member along and avoid traveling solo.
Leos are confident and leaders of the pack.
Don’t be afraid to take charge and plan a trip that includes others. Leos strive in social situations, so the more people, the better. Leos should embrace their inner lion and explore South Africa. We recommend a safari trip for the true Leo experience.
Virgos are practical and organized.
Embrace these characteristics with lists, detailed plans, and itineraries. Half of the enjoyment of traveling is all the research and planning you do beforehand! Virgos should visit Switzerland at least once in their lifetime. This organized, detail-oriented country will speak to their soul.
Libras enjoy balance in everything they do, especially traveling.
Consider traveling to a location that includes a little bit of everything. You can spend the day outdoors and then enjoy the nightlife of a city in the evening. Don’t focus your trip on like-minded activities, make sure to plan enough variety.
Canada is a great place for Libras to explore. This country is full of outdoor activities and if you travel to the right location you can still experience a big-city atmosphere.
Scorpios are truly in touch with their emotions and known for their passion.
Because of these characteristics, you should let your emotions guide your travels. Don’t over plan and be open to new experiences. Be prepared though — your passion may overwhelm you and you may become attached to your destination.
We suggest traveling to Morocco. The Sahara Desert is the perfect place to get in touch with your emotions while exploring the mysterious surroundings.
If you’re a Sagittarius, you’re fun-loving and full of energy.
Those who identify with this Zodiac sign should experience road trips or travel to several locations during one vacation. Staying in one place, like a resort, may make you feel confined and prove to be boring.
Instead, plan a trip with a vague location and let your spirit guide you to your ultimate destinations.
Capricorns are hard-working and organized. They appreciate consistency and being prepared.
These characteristics help with the planning aspect of traveling but make sure not to over plan. Instead, we encourage you to plan general activities for each of your days and enjoy the time off from your normal daily grind.
Capricorns should consider traveling to Prague in the Czech Republic. Residents here are hard-working and the towns are meticulously organized, both are things you’ll appreciate.
As an Aquarius, you are independent and don’t conform.
Embrace these characteristics and enjoy solo traveling. You’ll get to choose each and every activity you partake in and enjoy your independence. We encourage you to explore the less-traveled locations and stay away from known tourist attractions. Enjoy a truly independent trip and travel to Antarctica. Here you’ll explore the natural wonders of the world in peace and quiet — just like you like it.
Pisces are imaginative and selfless.
Travel to locations where you can explore and get a taste for the culture. We also suggest planning a trip that allows you to volunteer in some aspect. This will provide greater satisfaction than traveling without a purpose.
Pisces should consider traveling to Egypt. This country is full of history that will let your imagination run wild.
Get More Travel Advice 
Use this travel advice to help you plan your next getaway.
Whether you’re an adventurous Aries or an organized Capricorn, you can benefit from listening to your sign. Remember to also check out the signs of your travel companions as this can give you an idea of what to expect when traveling together.


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