5 tips on how a good breakfast should look like

Author: Zvonimir Brnas

A lot of words are said and written about how a good breakfast should look like. In all of those instant solutions and reasons why to follow specific diet, the main thing is forgotten. That is an individual approach to a person’s diet planning which is written by individual daily needs and individual long-term goals. Don’t try to eat a diet of an NFL quarterback, if you are going to lay all day in your sofa.

In today’s article, we will try to give you some global guidelines for the perfect breakfast. Some of those you heard about and some will be new for you.

Keep the fats high and carbs low
Fats are not your enemy. Remember that! When we say fats, we think of healthy fats. Different kind of cold-pressed organic oils, nuts, eggs, bacon, cheese, avocado…. All of that can be on your healthy morning menu. As you may already know, fats are high in calories. 9 calories per gram to be precise, compared to 4 calories in the carbs case.

Calories equals energy, and for the busy day in front of you, “real” and healthy calories are your fuel. Carbs, on the other hand, especially bad carbs will raise your sugar level quickly and it will drop down very soon.

With fatty breakfast, you won’t have those hunger strikes in your office. The energy that comes from the fat is properly released and it fuels you in longer periods of time. Also, remember. Fat doesn’t make you fat. That is a myth. A bad and unbalanced diet full of artificial sugars does. Remember that next time you take cereals for breakfast.

Exclude sugars from your breakfast
The effect of early morning donut or chocolate milk is devastating to your hormonal state, especially for the level of insulin. That delicious donut will raise your sugar level to the roof and after a short period of time, you will be hungry again. You will reach probably for something similar to a donut, like a bakery product and you are in a bad sugar circle.

By doing that, you are taking much more calories and burdening your metabolism with tons and tons of sugars. If you do that, the first thing you have to do is read this second paragraph again.

Vegetarian breakfast
You know that vegetables are a priceless source of fibers and vitamins. Good. Why wouldn’t you take your vitamin and fiber dosage in the morning? You can grab a nice vegetable smoothie, pick something like hummus, an avocado toast or simply eat a piece of fruit.

It is light and your digestion would not be burdened. In the beginning, it will be a bit strange, but you will do a great thing for your digestion. After a while your will get used to a vegetarian breakfast.

Fasting as a breakfast
Yes, the fasting can be a breakfast choice too. You know those Monday mornings when you are feeling full of everything you had on a party or on a birthday dinner last weekend? Why wouldn’t you try to skip breakfast this time? You have a nice amount of energy supplies from the weekend.

The key thing here is metabolism relief and the establishment of a proper eating rhythm. Same as you, your belly needs a little rest, once in a while. Start with 1 day, later add 1 or 2 during a few weeks. You will end up feeling better.

Choose the right breakfast
There is no perfect breakfast or perfect morning meal. There is a perfect individual choice regarding your personal needs. These examples are just some of the options available. Start easy because every change needs time to become a habit and try to get vitamins, fibers and proteins in the mornings you are going to work and need extra energy. In the weekend, if you are going to lay in bed and rest, lower the dose. With these breakfast advices you will surely feel better whether it’s a sleepy Sunday or a busy Monday.


  1. Lynda Cook says

    I am not a big fan of eating breakfast but because of the insulin I am on I have to eat within 15 min. of taking it, and it’s a struggle to eat, but thankfully I love eggs!

  2. Thanks for the useful information.

  3. Shirley OFlynn says

    Great suggestions! Thank you for sharing.

  4. Thanks for the great tips! I’m terrible with breakfasts. I’m lucky if I eat a piece of toast and down that with 2 cups of coffee. Not good, I know. Mindful eating is what I need to practice!

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