5 Vacation-Worthy Tips for Families With Small Children

Big family fun traveling to little Montclair, New Jersey? You bet! Great vacation adventure can be found for families with small children traveling around lovely Montclair: indoors, outdoors, food, and fun abound in the little town where you can even see the big city skyline with a quick trek up the nearby Watchung Mountains. Here are a few places to try and tips for your visit.

A Great Little Zoo
Every great little town can use a great little zoo, right? Quick tip: local options for family-friendly lodging is a great place to start your adventure any time of year. A family favorite, your little ones (and you moms and dads, too,) will love exploring attractions and adventures throughout the park. And. add in a well-timed respite after visiting animals off the shores of Africa, across amazing Asia, South America, and beyond, enjoy the scenes on a family-fave train ride around the park.

The Montclair Art Museum, MAM:), will local options for family-friendly lodging enjoying distinctive exhibitions, educational programs, and collections of American and Native American art. Inspiring kid-friendly events, classes, and summer art camps like the Family Learning Lab and Drop-In Studio offer wonderful opportunities to explore and create art.

How About This Bright Idea

Image via Flickr by WalterPro

Hours of fascination and fun are found at nearby Thomas Edison National Historical Park exploring “Where Modern America Was Invented.” Step back in time and discover where America’s greatest inventor changed our world forever by journeying through Thomas Edison’s home and laboratory where machines were run by belts and pulleys and music was played on phonographs. And here’s a bonus: If you have a 4th grader, you can local options for family-friendly lodging!

Big Brain Equals Big Fun
A favorite tip: engaging your little ones with a puzzling mental challenge will get them ready for a nap quicker than two hours at the park! So, check out this exciting new idea for a unique family-fun experience. local options for family-friendly lodging gives families the chance to work as a team immersed in real-life, real-time puzzle solving adventures like rescuing your favorite superhero in Crusader’s Alley, finding secret treasure deep in The Forest, or teaming up with a secret agent or your all-time favorite band. Fun for old and young!

Bonus tip: not only will your kids sleep better, they’ll get smarter, too! Since there are so many places to visit, check out these local options for family-friendly lodging and make a vacation of it.

Who’s Hungry
You’ve fed your brain and adventurous spirit, enjoyed culture, and explored amazing works of art and genius. So…who wants a burger? Try bold burgers and fresh cut fries (chopped on site) at Diesel and Duke. The Jersey Tomato Press praised, “Diesel and Duke brings burger royalty to your door,” as Nylon echoed, “Diesel & Duke is American food done right.” Yum! This is just one of tons of great places to eat, play, and get ready for tomorrow’s adventure.

Who knew so much family fun can be found in fabulous Montclair? Now you do!


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