7 Ways To Reduce Ocean Plastic Today

Whether you enjoy taking San Diego boat trips or just relaxing on the sand, the Southern California beach is the perfect place for fun and rejuvenation. What can ruin a day out on the water is seeing all the ugly pollution floating atop the glittering waves and washing ashore. If the sight of plastic garbage at the beach bothers you, here are seven ways you can help to decrease plastic waste in the ocean.

1. Avoid Using Plastic

The simplest way is to avoid using plastic in the first place, particularly single-use products such as disposable utensils and plastic grocery bags. Buy reusable grocery bags and keep them in your car so you always have them when you need to stop by the store. Pass up the lid and straw for your drink cup when you eat out. Better eat, cook at home instead of eating out to prevent needing takeout containers. Find little ways to forego unnecessary use of plastic.

2. Bring Your Own Water

One of the biggest sources of plastic waste is water bottles. Get a good-quality reusable bottle that you can take with you and refill wherever a drinking fountain or beverage station is available. If you’re worried about the state of the tap water, there are bottles that come with filters.

3. Recycle When Possible

Sometimes using plastic is inevitable, and that’s OK. You can still do your part by recycling whatever is permissible. If your city doesn’t pick up recycling, find out where the local center is and drop off the items. Or you can try to get more uses out of them in other ways. For example, you can turn a clean, large yogurt container into a piggy bank for spare change.

4. Buy Products in Bulk

The only way to buy some things is in plastic packaging. However, you can decrease the amount of packaging by choosing to purchase in bulk instead of individual servings. You’ll save money shopping this way, too!

5. Turn Down Microbeads

A harmful form of plastic you may not even be aware of is microbeads. These are tiny particles that often come in facial cleansers, body scrubs, toothpaste, and other bath and beauty products. They are small enough to pass through treatment plants to the ocean, where creatures think the beads are food.

6. Support Local Efforts

Maybe you want to do more than just change your own plastic use. You can make a bigger impact by supporting local efforts to protect the environment. This could be as simple as donating to a nonprofit organization or participating in a beach cleanup. Then show your appreciation for majestic sea life through summer whale watching San Diego.

You can also vote in favor of taxes and bans on certain plastic products. For example, San Diego no longer allows food and drink containers made from Styrofoam.

7. Speak With Your Money

Do you want to see manufacturers make changes to reduce their plastic output? Then give your money to businesses that prioritize sustainability and environmental friendliness. Other companies will then follow suit to remain competitive. It’s happened in other areas, such as non-GMO foods.

The ocean may cover most of the planet, but the combination of individual efforts can prevent plastic trash from taking over. Start making a difference by following these seven tips.

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