7 worst foods for your teeth

“You are what you eat”, we hear this phrase a lot. And that can’t be seen any better than in your teeth. That’s because the plaque can be caused by many foods and drinks, which seriously damages your teeth. According to a research, Cavities are the most prevalent chronic disease facing individuals between the ages of six and 19. They cause problems such as pain, issues with chewing, and ulcers of the tooth. Your plaque will toughen and turn into curd if you don’t brush or clean your teeth. Even if you decide to correct alignment issues with the best invisible braces you could still wind up back in the dentist chair with poor eating habits. Tartar above the gums can lead to an early type of gum disease, gingivitis. It is very important to make your teeth safe from all kinds of worst food you can ever eat. Below are some of the worst foods listed that you should avoid eating;
Candies are poison for your teeth. Candies especially the sour ones, are harmful for your teeth and they damages your teeth because these candies contains a lot of acid which is basically not suitable for teeth. Oh and of course, they stick to your teeth for a longer moment because they’re crunchy and chewy, so they’re more probable to cause decay. If you crave sweets, alternatively grab a piece of chocolate that can be chewed rapidly and washed away readily.
We all understand it’s not precisely healthy to drink alcohol. But have you realized that you dry your mouth when you drink? There is no saliva in a sore throat that we need to maintain our teeth safe. Saliva makes it impossible for food to stick to your teeth and evaporates food particles. Drinking plenty of water and using fluoride rinses and oral hydration solutions to assist maintain your body hydrated.
Biting on a difficult substance can harm enamel and render you vulnerable to dental emergencies like chipped, cracked or damaged teeth or tightened crowns. You can chill beverages with your ice, but don’t chew on it. Choose chilled water or ice-free beverages to withstand the urge.
Dried Fruits:
Dried fruits are a healthy snack. This might be true, but many dried fruits are sticky apricots, prunes, figs, and raisins, to name a few. They get trapped and pander to their teeth and cracks, keeping a lot of sugar behind. And because they are less sugar-focused, eating the new versions is better.

Citrus Fruits:
As fruits and juices, oranges, grapefruits and lemons are delicious and filled with vitamin C. But the content of their acids may weaken enamel, making teeth more susceptible to decomposition. Even trying to squeeze into water a lemon or lime adds acid to a drink. If you want to take a dose of antioxidants and vitamins, eat and drink them at meal time, then rinse with water.
Soft Drinks:
We all understand that little good, if any, comes from soft drink or pop, even if it’s on the can with the term “nutrition.” Carbonized sodas make it possible to generate more acid to attack the enamel of the tooth. So if you sip soda throughout the day, you’re staining your teeth in acid fundamentally.
Coffee and tea can be healthy drink options in their natural shape. Regrettably the addition of sugar cannot be resisted by too many individuals. Coffee and tea can dry your mouth as well. You may also be staining your teeth with frequent coffee and tea beverages. If you are consuming, make sure you drink plenty of water and attempt to minimize the add-ons.
These all foods are worst for anyone especially children. For better tooth treatment there is kids dentist in Flagstaff.


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