4 Health & Wellness Tips for Moms Raising Teenagers

A mother’s work truly is never finished. Indeed, even when kids grow old enough to get a driver’s license, work a part-time job, and start making big life decisions on their own, moms still have a responsibility to protect their teenager’s health and wellness. And keeping a hormonal teenager healthy and happy is no mean feat. Given that fact, today we’re going to share four effective ways moms can ensure the well-being of their teenage children:

Shop Smart

Though teenagers have a greater autonomy than younger kids, the reality is that they rely on their parents to supply them with food on a regular basis. As such, parents can encourage their teens to make good dietary choices simply by shopping smart. Healthful snacks, easy-to-prepare meals, and –– most of all –– keeping junk food out of your home will promote healthy eating habits for everyone in your family.

Partner Up

Teenagers are always on the go. They move from home, to school, to their friends’ houses, to school events, concerts, parties, etc. In short, even the most hands-on parents will have a tough time keeping tabs on all of their child’s comings and goings. With that in mind, it’s often a smart idea for moms to partner up with other parents to create a “parent network.” This way, a group of responsible adults can work together to make sure all of their kids stay out of trouble.

Set a Good Example

If there’s one thing teenagers love pointing out, it’s hypocrisy. Parents will have a tough time convincing their kids that smoking is a filthy, dangerous habit if they themselves power through two packs a day, for instance. Though it can be difficult to change your current lifestyle, parents need to set a strong example for their teenage children. Otherwise, they’ll risk becoming a bad influence and struggle to make much headway when speaking with their kids.

Educate and Encourage

Teenagers are exposed to a host of potentially dangerous situations as they age. Unfortunately, there’s not much that parents can do to prevent that from happening. Eventually, everyone encounters opportunities to engage with drugs, alcohol, sex, and other potentially risky activities. Rather than trying to micromanage every moment of a teenager’s life, it’s a much more effective tactic to educate them on the perils of certain actions and to encourage them to make good decisions. Providing them with testimonials that demonstrate the risks associated with drinking and driving, for instance, may end up saving their life some day. Lastly, don’t be afraid to tackle awkward subjects. We realize it’s not easy to talk to a teenager about sex and STDs. Fortunately, companies like Same Day STD Testing have a wide variety of educational resources that can help you hold productive and informative conversations about sex with your teenage son or daughter.

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Final Thoughts

It can seem like an overwhelming task to successfully raise a moody teenager, but if your heart is in the right place, and you stay committed, you’ll be able to put them in the best possible situation to live a healthy and happy life.


  1. Just be open, honest, and love them when they don’t love themselves.

  2. I think its important to keep educated on whats going on and to set a good example and to talk to our teens

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