Summer Grilling Tips for Beginners

The summer months offer up the ideal chance to get outside and fire up that grill. Whether you are a seasoned grill master or are just starting out, the summer is the perfect time to back away from the frying pan and get your oven mitts on some delicious good old-fashioned grilled goodness. If you are a summer grilling beginner though, you are going to want to ensure that you are prepared.

One of the most amazing feelings in the world is hosting a beautiful backyard get together. Grilling up some delicious foods and sharing some stories and laughs. Summer grilling offers you a fantastic way to enjoy good food and wonderful company in the great outdoors.

While grilling used to be generally straight forward, it has recently turned into its own art form. There are so many different ways to prepare an amazing offering of delicious grilled foods! This is where summer grilling tips for beginners can be helpful.

Have the Essential Grilling Tools on Hand

If you are looking to master your grill you are going to want to ensure that you have the right tools on hand this summer. Here are a few of the essentials that can make your summer grilling experience better:

Spatula: Burgers are a grilling staple for many and in order to get a good cook on both sides you are going to want a heavy-duty spatula. In fact, a spatula is ideal for flipping many different food items like fish or even steak.

Tongs: Tongs are an essential summer grilling tool. This is because they help to flip and move food as needed. Perfect for flipping delicate items like skewers, vegetables, and even hot dogs.

Squirt Bottle: Have a squirt bottle full of water on hand when grilling this summer. It will help you to control any unexpected flare-ups, making sure you keep the flame under control.

Grilling Gloves: The open flames of a grill can be extremely hot and hazardous to your skin. Having a good pair of flame-resistant grilling gloves will help to absorb the heat and make your summer grilling safer.

Grill Brush: Have a grill brush on hand to help clean your grill after you are done cooking. While many grill brushes come with wire bristles, those can actually be somewhat dangerous. This is because they can become dislodged from the brush itself and adhere to the grill or even your food. Try to find a grill brush made from nylon to ensure no wire bristles get swallowed.

Thermometer: A thermometer is a great way to ensure that your meat is cooked to perfection and at a safe temperature to be consumed. There are several different thermometers that can help your summer grilling adventures. You can choose a leave-in or pop out thermometer for thicker cuts of meats or an instant-read one for food items that cook quicker.

Pork on skewers cooked on barbecue grill.

Keep Your Grill Clean

Cooking food on a dirty grill is not only unsanitary but it can make your food taste disgusting. In fact, even if you are starting out with a brand-new grill, you will want to ensure that it is properly cleaned. This is because you will want to remove any shipping or manufacturing residue that may have been left behind. Your grill grate must also be properly cleaned and oiled to make sure that nothing sticks to it.

The most efficient way to properly clean your grill is to ensure you start at the beginning of your grilling session as the grill is heating up. Let the fire do most of the work for you. Allow the grill to preheat for approximately 10 minutes and use a nylon grill brush to run over the grates. Once they are clean, you can dip a paper towel in some cooking oil and give it a rub over the grates using your tongs.

Once you have finished grilling, allow your grill to cool down and once again use a nylon grill brush to lightly clean the grates. Now is a good time to also wipe the exterior of your grill down with a damp cloth, empty out any ashes or grease traps and close the grill. To protect your grill from the elements, you will also want to ensure that you have a high-quality grill cover.

Summer grilling is one of the best parts of these warmer months. There is just something about the delicious food that you can create in your own backyard with your grill. Just make sure you have the right tools on hand, and keep your grill clean and you are ready to get started.

Our favourite thing to BBQ is pineapple. Just slice and sprinkle some cinnamon on it. Grill and serve! Yummy summer barbecue treat for any occasion.

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