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Being a woman is tough! I have said this a few times in the last month. Now that I am in my forties, I am dealing with all kinds of not-so-fun things. Some days I am just tired of it and wish life was a bit easier. When I meet another woman my age and she gives snippets of her life, I find I overshare.

I just need to know I am not alone. Take bladder leaks for instance. I was very open with my problems and have now talked to many women who are also experiencing this problem. We share what works for us and support one another. My leaks started during my first pregnancy. Like many other women it went away for a few years, not having a kicking baby inside me helped. But now, in my forties and having had 4 children, I experience leaks often.

For me leaks would occur out of nowhere. A sneeze, a cough or a laugh could cause it. I started making sure my bladder was empty and would constantly stop at restrooms to just ‘try” to go. I did not want leaks and felt if my bladder was empty I was fine. Sadly this was inconvenient and super annoying. Over the years I have tried many products, some worked well and some not so well.

The last thing me or any other woman wants to do is stop living their life because of SUI.

What is SUI?

As many as one in two women will experience some form of urinary leaking in their lifetime, particularly at age 45 and older. And half of those women experience Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI; sometimes referred to as Light Bladder Leakage).*

*The Canadian Continence Foundation; 2014 

Recently I was introduced to an amazing product to help with leaks.

Introducing uresta

The uresta® bladder support stops leaks rather than absorbing them – most disposables hold the urine (and the odour!). In clinical studies, 17 out of 20 saw a significant reduction in leaking while leaks were completely eliminated for 6 out of 10 women. The uresta® bladder support was designed by a urogynecologist to work with your body and it’s manufactured to high standards in Canada

I was sent a package to try for myself. I was immediately impressed with the product. Being able to reuse the uresta saved me money as well as saves the environment. Compared to pads and disposable products this was a great option.

The uresta® bladder support is comfortable for daily use. You can manage it yourself – it’s simple to fit and simple to clean. And uresta® is designed to be discreet – it’s convenient to use and carry and it makes travelling much easier.

I must admit I was surprised how comfortable the uresta was once I found the right size. You can read more information about it at The kit I received had everything I needed to get started. Cleaning and storing the product was easy and discrete as well.

The uresta® bladder support comes in five sizes (size 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6; the size of the bladder support is identified by a number on one side of the handle 32.). The size you are on the inside has nothing to do with the size you are on the outside, so expect to need to try a few sizes before you find the one that is right for you.

the people at uresta created the uresta® Starter Kit to make it easy and affordable for you to find your size. The starter kit comes with sizes 3, 4 and 5, which are their most popular sizes. Start with size 3 then work your way up, as needed.

If you suffer from bladder leaks and are looking for a great product that not only gets you back out there, but is also great for the environment and your pocketbook, then look no further. uresta can be found at The money back guarantee  makes it a no brainer for me! Give it a try and start living your life today!

Now when my friends ask me to go out for girls night, hit up a zumba class or even volunteer at a local event, I am happy to go and live my life knowing uresta has me covered.

For more information be sure to follow the #urestaPEEple #stoptheleaks hashtags on social media. As well you can visit their Facebook page and Instagram.


Disclosure-This is a sponsored post. All opinions are honest and my own.


  1. Love my uresta, it has changed my life! I can now go out with friends, go shopping or dancing without worrying about leaks.

  2. nice work carry on

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