3 Tips on How to Remove The Smell of Cigarette Smoke From a Room

Getting cigarette smoke out of a room is extremely difficult, but it’s not always impossible. If the odor is new or faint, you’ll have the best chance of removing it. Still, you can try these same methods even on stronger or lingering odors and you might just notice some improvement.

Use Baking Soda
Baking soda helps soak up not only stains, but also odor. Its odor-killing properties make it a common addition to laundry detergents and even kitty litter, but it can work on carpet as well. For this method, you’ll want to coat the room’s soft surfaces in baking sofa and allow it to sit for 24 hours or more. During this time, the baking soda will have the opportunity to soak up as much odor as possible.

After that period, vacuum up the baking soda and you may notice a difference in how the room smells. While you’re doing that, you can leave the doors and windows open to help the room air out. This will allow fresh air to get in, which is key–especially if you’re dealing with a new odor.

Use an Air Purifier

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Purifying the air inside the room is a must. Even if you try to “air it out” by facing fans out the window, you’ll get the best results if you grab a professional air purification system and allow it to do its job. As Air Excellence Heating and Air Conditioning points out, air purifiers are great for improving indoor air quality year-round, even if cigarette smoke won’t be making a recurring appearance.

By constantly bringing fresh, filtered air into the room, you’ll notice that the odor is much less noticeable if not gone completely. Pair this with the other methods and you might just be able to cleanse the room of cigarette smoke entirely.

Clean The Walls
If the room has been smoked in multiple times, there may very well be a buildup of smoke on the walls and other surfaces. Wiping everything down with a cleaning solution can help you get rid of the odor. Also, wash any blankets or soft materials that are in the room and try not to bring them back in until you have done everything you can to get the odor out of the room itself.

If necessary, replace or leave out rugs and blankets that you’re not able to get the odor out of, as they can continue transferring the scent back into the room. You can try an odor-killing scented spray as a last resort, but try not to mask the odor with a perfume or other fragrance as that will only wear off with time and reveal the smoke smell again.

Breathe Better
The air we breathe can directly impact how we feel and even how healthy we are. These tips are only the beginning.  By using an air purifier and other methods to keep your home’s indoor air quality high, you’ll notice the difference in your well-being.


  1. We used to smoke in our last apartment. It was a pain in the butt washing the walls. We decided not to smoke inside anymore and it’s much better now. No stuffy Smokey smell, walls are white, and find we smoke less having to go outside. I felt so guilty for smoking in the house when we have 2 dogs. It’s much better for them now. Anyone who has pets or kids should never smoke in the house. Better yet, none of us should be smoking at all. Cigarettes are deadly. I wish I never started 🙁

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