4 Ways to Stay Clear From Scams When Traveling

The scammers love to take advantage of innocent tourists, and if you are not vigilant, you are likely to become a prey. Here I’ve discussed a few ways for you to stay safe while traveling.

Feel Confident To Ask Questions If Something Bothers You
When you are traveling around, there are chances you may encounter weird things that you don’t feel right. So, if this happens with you, then you don’t need to feel afraid to ask questions from the scammer. This way, you get to signal him that you are not a naïve person whom he can easily fool. It let the scammer know that you are active and ready to deal with what he is up to. These scammers can be everywhere from your hotel room officials to tour guides to taxi drivers to local food vendors. Simply, be aware of the situations going around you. As soon as you start asking questions, the scammer will look embarrass and apologetic. He will instantly step back from what he first intended to do with you.

Always Avoid Dramatic Distractions
The scammers, pickpockets, and thieves always create a dramatic situation to capture your attention. They plan to distract you so that they can easily mug you. Most of the time, it is hard to understand that if a given situation is actually real or fake to draw the person’s attention away. Before you realize that it’s a well-created tarp, you have lost your money or valuable items. It is advised to be very vigilant on the roads and streets to avoid hostile distractions. If something out-of-the-box is happening right in front of you, then it is best suited for you to be attentive about your surroundings. These dramatic situations can be children surrounding you and begging for money, street fight breaks out, or an older adult falls over, etc.

Research the Common Types of Fraud to Be Aware of Them
The most effective effort that you can take to avoid probable travel scams is to simply learn about types of fraud; that can enable you to sense them in the first place. If you have a fair idea that how common frauds occur and work, then an alarm bell will immediately start ringing in your head as soon as you encounter that a scammer is laying his groundwork or a trap for you. Before you step out of your garage for a trip, just go to Google and learn likely scams that can occur in that specific travel destination. Even take out some time to read about scams that are widespread in a certain area while you are traveling or resting in the hotel room.

Know the Details for Your Own Good
You know what? You can avoid scammers on your own without any hassle if you have got the prior knowledge of everything about your travel destination. With this approach, the local scammers can’t fool you with untruth stories and incorrect descriptions. If you plan to buy an item, get a prior idea for how much it should cost. Know the opening and closing time of restaurants, night-clubs, and other recreational places. Learn about the rules and regulations of a certain country or city like taxes, fees, and commute expenses that you would need to pay. If you are traveling internationally, then get a local SIM card to connect with people and use Google Maps to navigate the places that you desire to visit. With strong connection, you can feasibly search about anything that seems dodging to you. This way, you can ditch people that look like dishonest and deceitful.


  1. Thanks for the tips, I’ll be sure to consider them during my vacation planning.

  2. Great travel tips! You can never be too safe and it is important to be aware of your surroundings and the different types of scams that could possibly take place.

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