Separating Emotions and Money

Many people express their emotions based on money, so they struggle if they feel that they don’t make enough or compare themselves to others. Here’s a few ways to become mindful of emotions and money so you can avoid having your emotions overtake your viewpoints towards money.
Money Doesn’t Define You

When people gain money, they sometimes change into different people. They can become arrogant and proud because they feel that the money makes them better than others. This doesn’t happen to every person, but you should be mindful of it so you don’t fall into that trap. You are still you despite the money you make or the things that you buy.

On the other hand, when people lose money and go through financial struggles, they can change as well. They may feel like they are nothing without their money and that they have become worthless. However, your loss of money doesn’t define you as a person. You still have the same attributes and characteristics you did before you lost your money.

When you have a change in your financial situation, don’t let your money determine who you are. Remember the great qualities you had before the change and continue to improve yourself as a person. Despite this change in your life, you can keep being the person you were before and seek ways to either help others with your money or to stay positive despite your current financial situation.
Don’t Feel Bad About Debt

Many people need to enter debt in today’s world. Whether this is for a car loan, to pay for a house or to cover college, people sometimes choose to go into debt short-term to pursue a long-term goal. Some forms of debt may make you feel depressed or helpless, but it doesn’t have to. Understand that borrowing money, student debt, online loans, and mortgages are a part of life and have a time and a place when used responsibly.

Many people view debt as negative because it indicates that they lack the money to cover living costs, which makes them feel worth less than other people. However, with the costs of various industries today, sometimes people need to enter debt, for example, majority of people do borrow moan to afford to purchase a home or vehicle.

A negative viewpoint causes some people to become depressed and stressed about carrying debt. While this makes sense and is a natural reaction for people, don’t allow debt to define who you are. Not only that, but each time you work towards paying off that debt, you will feel better knowing that you’re a step closer to finishing the payments and having that debt off of your shoulders.
Avoid Jealousy

When it comes to wealth, success and possessions, sometimes jealousy can enter into people’s hearts. This happens when a person becomes too focused on comparing themselves to others instead of focusing on themselves. In short, they look at others and base their personal success on the position of other rather than their own improvements.

This can happen when you view your friends and see them as ahead of you in life. Maybe they purchased a new car or T.V., so you become jealous of them. You wish that you could buy similar items. However, this feeling of jealousy won’t help your situation and it could only harm your friendships with those people.

If you become this focused on others, then you won’t continue to improve, and you’ll only get more jealous. This will not only make you look bad, but you won’t change your current situation by getting jealous. Instead, focus on feeling grateful for the things you do have and make that the center of your focus. This can help you to feel happier.

While it’s good to keep earning money, it shouldn’t become your emotional support and source of happiness. Keep your emotions in check and make sure that you don’t allow your financial position to influence your happiness in life.

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