5 Complaints Many Consumers Have With Businesses


Operating a successful business is not always about satisfying each and every request that a customer makes, though in a perfect world this would be an ideal situation. The consumer is going to express what they feel about inferior products and services. People need to buy consumer staples on a regular basis. These products are needed all the time. They want the best customer service if they are constantly spending money in your store.

Since customers will always buy their consumer staples, even in financially difficult times, companies that make them are able to continue along a path of stable growth and avoid cyclical markets that plague other industries. This is why best consumer staples stocks are a popular stock and should be given a good endorsement.

However, when dealing with customers, problems reach the business customer support team in the form of complaints, no matter what industry you are in. Having said this, here are five common complaints that businesses must be prepared to respond to when they arise.

1. Long Waits on the Phone

One of the number one complaints that consumers have had over the years is waiting for long periods of time on hold. Even though voice technology may pick up the phone call immediately, the wait to speak to an actual person can be several minutes to an hour, in some cases. Based on the organization, some phone call responses can be delayed to the point of irritating the customer. Therefore, if you want to provide superior customer service, this is an area that you need to master early on. By putting the right measures in place, many companies can beat out their competition by miles, particularly if they solve the long wait problems that consumers encounter regularly.

2. Inferior Product Quality

In addition to making customers angry with rude behavior from a customer support representative, there are other complaints that a business may receive regularly. One of the most notable is receiving consumer complaints about the products that the company sells. For instance, if the customer buys a product that has defects, they may want to return the product to get their money back.

To resolve these types of complaints, the company must have measures in place to diffuse these situations expeditiously, while also creating another opportunity to serve the customer in other ways. For instance, if the customer complains about a product that has a defect, it is very important that the customer support rep handles these problems as quickly as possible. By expediting these requests, the customer will receive their money back without being irritated. When this occurs, the customer may feel at ease about buying the best consumer products if they know that they will receive their money back quickly instead of having to wait for weeks or months to get their money back.

3. Rude Customer Reps

Another common complaint that consumers express whenever they have a chance involves talking to customer support reps who are rude to their customers. A rude customer rep will not only delay solving the problem but will also make the customers angrier in certain situations. This is also one of the primary reasons why some customers will not return to support a business again in any way. Therefore, if you do not want your customer’s angry or lose their business, one of the best things that a company can do is ensure their customer support representatives are trained properly. For instance, the best customer support training classes will teach their trainees how to handle difficult calls without being rude to anyone.

4. Waiting in Line to Receive Services

When a customer runs into a retail store quickly to buy an item or items that they need, they are usually looking to be waited on by a clerk without having to wait in a long line for service. Unfortunately, in some stores, the wait time for servicing can be exceptionally long and customers will complain about the wait. For instance, if the manager of the store does not have enough clerks at the registers, the consumers are often made to wait. These waits are not only irritating but unnecessary when peak times are scheduled by management correctly. In either case, waiting in long customer lines is also a major customer complaint that can have a huge negative impact on any type of business.

5. Prices Too High or Overcharged for Products

With the prices on the shelves constantly going up in the grocery stores and other businesses, it is not uncommon for consumers to complain about the prices. This is especially the case for those stores that do not post consistent pricing online or in their physical retail stores. Therefore, if the customer is not diligent in watching the prices, they can easily be overcharged for the items that have they purchased.

As a business owner, you must think ahead before the complaints happen and make sure your customer’s shopping experience is the best around.

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