A Groom’s guide to Wedding Day Attire

What in God’s green earth should I wear? Is a question I often ask myself with varying degrees of exigency every day. Luckily, this is one question that I have always managed to answer; on some days, more successfully than others. But I am finally marrying the love of my life in less than 3 months. 

And despite having the best part of a year to come up with ideas on style and colors, I have yet to come up with a solid plan for my groom’s attire. Not for lack of trying though; it is just that the more research I carry out and the more styles I am exposed to, the harder it has been to make a decision.

From one shop to the next, I am presented with an array of options; navy blue or grey, with or without a waistcoat, slim-fitting or not. After months and months of enduring all the variety out there, I can honestly say that I am no closer to figuring out what to wear than when I first started.

My soon-to-be wife and I, both 32, have experienced our fair share of weddings over the past few years. And it is becoming apparent to me than not all grooms seem to be faced with the same dilemma that I am faced with now. By the end of last year, I had been invited to at least 4 weddings.

At each of these weddings, the groom unsurprisingly invariably looked smart, stylish and dare I say it, even sexy. At every wedding, well-fitting suits were paired with crisp white shirts. At another ceremony, Grammy-worthy black-tie ensembles complete with top hats and tails were the order of the day. These men didn’t just look great, they looked like grooms.

Now, I have never been a big suit wearer. I work from home, which means that most times, I am in my briefs and socks. To add more pressure to the situation, when people learn about my forthcoming nuptials, they expect me to pull all the stops. So what is a confused groom to wear at his wedding? Here are some things that I have discovered in the selection process:

Start shopping early

When looking for your wedding day attire, the last thing you want to do is last minute shopping. As a rule of thumb, try and make sure that your attire is ready at least 30 days before your big day. Why is that you say?

There are 2 primary reasons for this. Men who shop a week or 2 before the wedding always end up spending more than necessary especially if the order has to be rushed. Secondly, planning and shopping early will help you avoid dealing with last-minute stress and anxiety.

The same applies to any gifts that you are planning to purchase for your wedding party or parents. Go for something simple yet thoughtful and personal such as these custom star maps from Twinkle in Time. Be sure to purchase such gifts and knick-knacks a few months ahead as it will go a long way in helping to reduce your stress levels.

It is better to stay true to your own style

As mentioned earlier, I have never been much of a suit wearer. While I do own a few suits, each of which has been purchased specifically for the wedding season, I still try my best to avoid them. The good news is that there is lots of fun to be had these days with wedding attire.

Slim fit suits seem to be all the rage because sharp tailoring tends to flatter most body shapes. You also have the option to mix things up by wearing prints and florals or you can go for a trendy fabric such as velvet. Whatever you go for, make sure that you are staying true to your own style.

Pick something that will make you stand out

When the Big Day finally arrives, it should be immediately apparent who the groom is. Sometimes it can be hard to notice who the groom is in a sea of similar-looking suits. To set yourself apart from the rest of your party, consider wearing a different color, fabric or style from your groomsmen.

Another way that you can make your mark is to pick different accessories; wear a different colored tie, a stylish shirt paired with a unique waistcoat, or even socks that are different from your groomsmen’s socks.

Socks play a vital role 

You might be tempted to overlook the socks, but they play a critical role in tying your ensemble together. Whether you are going for a sophisticated or quirky look, there is a variety of socks styles that you can use to polish up your look. 

On your special day, almost anything goes; the socks that you pick can help you express your personality as well as your fashion expertise. Just do your best to avoid white socks because you don’t want to look as if you are going to the gym.

Such small accessories like socks also make a difference in how your groomsmen will look. Coordinating your socks with your groomsmen can add a unique layer to your final look. Better still, matching socks are something that you can gift your groomsmen to show them that you appreciate their support.

Don’t downplay accessories

Accessories are essential as they can help to transform your overall look. Adding things like unique cuff links, bow ties, as well as ornate pocket squares, can set you apart from your groomsmen as well as help to make your outfit appear more sophisticated.

Final Thoughts

The groom’s attire has come a long way from the traditional tails that most grooms opted to wear years ago. Nowadays, modern and stylish grooms enjoy a lot more options that can allow them to mark their wedding day in style. 

Admittedly, though, it is not as easy to find a great suit as most would assume. There are a few things that a groom has to pay attention to when it comes to the attire for the Big Day. Lucky for you, this guide should make the selection process so much easier than it has been.

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