How Do Games of Chance Really Work: Secrets Revealed

A game of chance is an activity which outcome is influenced by the randomizing device. The participants can have anything of monetary value at stake: from cash to some other physical assets like property. The fact that a player may lose everything makes games of chance somewhat risky. Yet, many people are involved in this type of activity. The devices that help to detect the outcome are:

  •             Dice
  •             Cards
  •             Spinning tops
  •             Numbered balls
  •             Roulette wheels

In other words, this term is the opposite of a game of skill, which depends on the player’s knowledge and experience. It has nothing to do with luck. Only when something at stake is offered, it is considered gambling.

Any game of chance can be turned into gambling. In fact, with the development of gambling, some games of chance have appeared to require a certain level of skills. Those are blackjack and baccarat, for instance; in the rest of the activities, a player can only pick the bet and leave it all to chance. 

Among all, betting on sports is gaining quick recognition and popularity. As admitted by the Consumer News and Business Channel (CNBC), in the United States alone, it has achieved $150 billion in its industry.  It is a game of chance too but mixed with some skills as players make their bets based on their knowledge of sports and best guess.

Can You Develop a Specific System to Win? 

The answer is “no” for sure. If you claim that you have discovered such a system, you most probably know how to cheat. It does not work this way as, once you get caught, you may face severe problems and get disqualified from the rest of the tours, losing your money or other assets.

Some participants use systems that serve as tricks to make others lose focus and purpose of the game. Mathematics is the only thing in the world that can contribute to how this system works.

One may wonder what the system that most casinos follow is. Well, their owners get wealthy as they possess a small edge in games of chance. How comes their visitors always take the money they win, no matter how large the amount is? The point is that casinos use money that is tech printed each time someone makes a bet.

The system established in casinos works in a way that only a few players have a chance to win big money. The complex maths algorithms do not allow many winners. Thus, there is no risk for a casino to go bankrupt unless no-one attends it and plays there. The losses will inevitably occur over the long run.

One may say that the system depends on the specific game of chance that a player chooses. No, it works the same way unless one prefers games where some skills also matter.

Defining and Understanding the So-Called House Edge

No matter whether one calls it “gambling” or “the house,” they’ve got it right. That is because of the famous term “the house edge.” That is a benefit set by default that a casino has over the gambler. From the financial aspect, the term means the average profit of a casino on each player.

Having no idea that it works this way, many plungers believe that they have an equal chance to win “the war” against the casino in the long run. That is why most of them keep on losing their money. Still, those who win never regret it.

Once you decide to gamble, make sure to learn “the house edge” rules. Those are the real rules of the game. You may also be interested in what is considered legal and illegal gambling now;  The Washington Post shares some facts in its article. 

Applying Probability: Does It Work

One should know what the probability of winning in different games of chance is. It will help to estimate your chances soberly.


Calculate how many various ways the six involved numbers can be picked. Do not consider the order. The formula for combinations should help you (and it will tell you that there are 50,063,860 different ways to select six numbers).


A flush is a hand that everyone wants to have in this card activity. To discover the likelihood of being dealt a flush, estimate the possible ways to do that and divide by the potential amount of various 5-card hands. Only combinations make sense — you’ll find out that there are 5,148 ways to obtain a flush.


A player rolls three dice to win or lose. Let’s say you wonder what the probability of rolling the dice and getting all fives is? It would be 1/6 as there are six digits on each dice. It is the simplest estimation!

You can also find more information about the way roulette works on the Gamblers Daily Digest. Now, that is how it works, and there is nothing you can do about it.

Verdict: to Play or Not to Play?

Does it all mean that the games of chance are bad? They are not unless you lose the sense of norm. It is up to a player to decide on the bet, but we highly recommend checking out the probabilities of winning, tips and tricks before playing to make sober predictions before putting anything at stake. If you are sure that you are ready to face the challenge, you can review some top places where you can enjoy roulette or other games, as seen on the Online Casino Gems

Once again, it all depends on a personal goal and the player’s discretion. When a person signs up to play the game, they should realize how much money or other assets they have. We recommend starting low-key to feel the spirit and check out how it works. Anyway, as this type of business is mostly legal around the world, it means that only gamblers are responsible for the outcomes, and there is nothing wrong with the games of chance in general.

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