Most haunted Casinos in America

I had a dad that had a penchant for telling ghost stories that scared the living daylights out of me. After every ghost story, he would always tap at my sister’s and I bedroom window later that night, an appalling fear-inducing system that made sure that I suffered from grisly nightmares well into my 20s. Despite this obviously scarring childhood, I developed a love for good ghost stories after getting over my fear.

Over the years, I have visited several hotels, mansions, and casinos that have reported apparent ghost sightings. Typically, most of these locations are haunted owing to their rich history that is generally characterized by betrayal, greed, murder, lust, war, deaths, murder and you guessed it- gambling disputes.

The conjecture is that the spirits of those that have tragically passed on in these locations still have unfinished business to handle. As such, they linger in the locations where they passed on hoping to get their affairs in order before crossing over to the other side. With its long illustrious history and its never-ending variety of lively characters, it is no wonder that America is home to numerous haunted places. 

Concealed spirits, as well as lost and wandering souls linger among the corridors and structures of America’s popular casinos. If like me, you are fascinated with spooky places, here are the most haunted casinos in America:

The Hard Rock Café

Formerly known as the Trump Taj Mahal, the Hard Rock Café is one of the most haunted casinos in America. Guests have reported several ghost sightings in the hotel. One particular eerie fiend is reported to roam the corridors of the hotel every midnight. The ghost is believed to be a former guest that threw himself from the 10th floor of the building, which is what caused his demise.

There are also rumors of an orange-hued ghost that wanders the venue in a toupee. Although it remains unconfirmed, those that have spotted this ghost have described him as arrogant and meaner than the other ghost that inhabits the hotel.

Bally’s Resort and Casino

You may or may not know this, but Bally’s was constructed on the site of the 2nd largest hotel fire in America’s history. This tragedy saw over 80 individuals lose their lives. The catastrophic fire took place in November 1980. At the time, the former MGM Grand still occupied the location.

The fire is said to have started as a result of faulty wiring. As the smoke and flames continued to overwhelm the building, desperate guests were forced to jump out of their windows to their deaths. The spirits of those that passed on that day are said to linger in the highest floors of the casino resort. Guests have also reported seeing bizarre ghost-like figures roaming the North Tower. 

Tropicana Las Vegas

Several guests have reported ghost sightings in the Tropicana Las Vegas. Apparently, for many years, the casino hotel was haunted by a spirit that had been trapped inside an old tiki mask that stood at the entrance of the resort. Anyone that touched the mask is said to have developed a nasty purplish rash.

Guests that have previously posed in front of the haunted mask claim to have noticed a purple miasma stemming from the mask, which often blurs any photos that have been captured. Eventually, the management got rid of the mask, which stirred up even more mystical chitchat among guests and fans of the paranormal.

Luxor Las Vegas

The Luxor has always been associated with mystical sightings perhaps as a result of the ancient Egyptian symbols associated with the casino resort. Guests and punters have reported a series of unusual and unexplained incidents at the Luxor which has impelled many to believe that supernatural forces indeed occupy the hotel corridors and rooms.

One case, in particular, is widespread. It is said that during the construction of the Luxor in 1993, a construction worker lost his life after a series of freak accidents. Later on, after the hotel opened its doors to customers, one of them allegedly committed suicide by jumping off one of the hotel’s balconies. 

A curious case in 2006 also saw a young man pass away at the casino’s parking garage owing to a car bomb. These souls wander through the hotel’s room and corridors, giving a fright to anyone that encounters them.

Flamingo Las Vegas

The Flamingo Casino has long been associated with Bugsy Siegel, a mobster that played a pivotal role in transforming the otherwise sleepy town of Nevada into the gambling capital that it is today. Siegel was shot and killed in 1974 and it is said that he chose the Flamingo, which he helped construct, as his home for the afterlife. Guests allege to have seen Siegel roaming around the Presidential Suite, as well as next to the pool area at night. 

Resorts International Atlantic City

Resorts International was one of the first casino hotels to open its doors in Atlantic City. The building that hosted the hotel was actually constructed in 1868 as the Chalfonte Hotel. In 1903, the Chalfonte Hotel merged with another building to create the Chalfonte Haddon Hotel and it was during this time that the first sighting of ghosts was reported.

Guests staying at the hotel would often complain about extreme bouts of cold, which is often a sign of ghost presence. People also claimed to have seen the hotel, which was mainly constructed using brick and steel, move along with the wind. During  World War II the hotel also served as a hospital. Air corpsmen that passed away during their stay here still roam the corridors of the hotel to this day.

Final Thoughts

I grew up listening to ghost stories about haunted mansions and hotels. As such, things like ghosts and boo hags were as much a way of life for me as school and homework. Although this made for a pretty frightening childhood, there is nothing I love more today than learning about haunted places and the people inhabiting them.

If you are like me, this list of haunted casinos in America will prove especially intriguing in regards to the kind of paranormal activity that has been experienced in these locations. So what are you waiting for? Head out for a spooky adventure of your own at one of these haunted casinos and you will have a great story to tell at your next dinner party.


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