Signs That Your Home Is Not Safe For Your Kids

When a baby starts to walk or even crawl, stress increases for the parents. It is now time to double check the house and make sure it is safe. You wouldn’t want a random accident to hurt the child. With this in mind, here are some signs that the home is not safe and that changes are required. 


You can easily add life to your entire house with plants but they can be dangerous for kids. This is because babies tend to chew everything they find. There are many houseplants that are toxic. They include toxins capable of causing inflammation or pain when they are ingested. Double check to be sure that houseplants are non-toxic. 

Mold Or Mildew

When you see mildew or mold on a wall or ceiling, it is a sign that there is a leak somewhere. You need to quickly contact plumbers as soon as possible. According to Fix It Right Australian plumbing specialists, leaks can lead to toxic mold, which is bad for both adults and children, but especially dangerous for young kids. 

Small Toys

The big problem with small toys is that they have tiny components that pose a large choking hazard. A toy that is smaller than 2 inches needs to be kept away from the children. There is a reason why there are labels put on toys and recommended age. Always respect those. 


We usually have lamps in our homes because they are beautiful but few people realize they are dangerous. We are talking about glass, electricity, and heat. All these can cause really serious injuries in kids. The lamp that is present in your home needs to have a really sturdy base. It should be very difficult to knock down. Also, the cords need to be taped so that a child cannot pull on them. Cords can also be put out of reach, like behind the bed. 


Unfortunately, there are many reports about children getting hurt because of accidents involving cabinets. This does not involve just having the furniture fall on them. In a cabinet, people store cleaning supplies, medicines, and vitamins. If they are open, kids can get access and they do not really know that they take medicine since they think it is candy. All cabinets with dangerous products/substances have to be locked at all times. 


Children tend to be really curious. They are attracted to what they see outside the window. This is why you need to always have windows open under 4 inches. Anything more can lead to the danger of falling. Most homes do not use burglar proof windows. If this is your case, seriously consider adding window guards. In the event that the window is included in the home’s fire-escape plan, quick release mechanisms that are safe for children can be added. Even window-stoppers can help you.

The examples offered are just some of those that can be mentioned. As you can see, it is very important to look at every single corner of the home to identify anything that can be dangerous for the child. 

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