How to Turn a Pandemic Lock-Down Into New Skills for Kids

Being stuck in a house with kids 24/7 and nowhere to go because of a pandemic lock-down is not most parents’ idea of fun. I think we’d all rather be taking the kids to a trampoline park on the weekends instead of trying to get them to complete virtual school assignments and trying to separate them in the same house. Still, there are things you can do to make this time worthwhile. Teaching kids new skills that can help them all their lives, and then teaching them how to teach others those same skills may help you preserve some sanity. Here are a few new skills to teach your kids during these unusual days.

Learning a Musical Instrument

If you have a musical instrument just laying around, put it to good use. Music lessons for kids are an important part of childhood. Some music lessons are even taught online these days just like anything else your kids could learn. They might be up for it, or they might be interested in watching you learn how first and then follow in your footsteps. Most families have a piano, a guitar, a recorder, or some other musical instrument collecting dust. Why not pull it out and start teaching and learning on it? If any of your kids get really good at it, they can start a vlog where they teach someone else how to play.

Household Organization Skills

You are stuck inside, what better time than to organize the kids’ rooms and closets? What better time to teach them how to do this? Involving your child in organizing his room and closet allows him the chance to say where something should go and why he wants this or that piece of furniture or box of toys placed in a specific place.

You can still make suggestions as to where and why the placement of something would work, but by getting your kid to make a choice and be creative with organization, you are getting her to think about how she would decorate her own apartment or house as an adult. These are important life skills, and now is a good time to teach them. You then can have your older children teach the younger ones how to do this too.

Saving and Salvaging Through Sewing

Maybe you learned to darn socks as a kid. Maybe your mom or grandma knew how to sew and how to quilt and taught you. These are definitely worthwhile skills to teach your kids.

Hand-sewing is the easiest method. You can teach your kids how to thread a needle by poking the thread through the eye, and then teach them how to use a threader. The threader helps people thread through needles with much smaller eyes than most people can see. Teach your kids how to tie off knots so that the thread will not come loose and unravel what they are stitching. Then show them two easy and quick stitches, like the whip-stitch and the backstitch. If you know how to sew on buttons, definitely teach them that. Buttons pop off shirts and pants all the time. For people who know how to fix this problem, they can quickly and easily restore a garment to full working value.

Kids will learn these valuable skills that can help them save money on clothing in the future. They can show these skills to other kids so that those kids can mend their favorite articles of clothing and not throw them away. In an age where money is now seriously tight for all American families, keeping clothes in wearable shape through sewing is going to become a necessity.

Other Things Kids Learn From All of the Above

Along with life skills, kids will learn a lot more than you might expect. In all of the above, they learn eye-hand coordination. They learn how to look at things closely, examine the details, and create a plan of action. They learn to think ahead and predict what happens next. When they teach other kids these same skills, whether it is a sibling, a friend, or someone else online, everyone gains new skills that continue to carry forward.

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