Picking A Perfect Coffee Maker

You woke up all warm and cozy in bed, the sun streaming onto your face, you opened your eyes, took a deep breath, got up, and started your morning ritual. If you are like many people around the world that ritual involves making  a cup of coffee to wake up and face your day. Coffee is the most popular beverage in the world. 400 billion cups of coffee are consumed each year and 450 million cups of coffee are consumed in the United States every day. That is a lot of people craving their first cup of coffee each morning. But if you drink coffee you know there are multiple ways to make that cup of coffee each morning. What are you seeking from your cup of coffee? What type of coffee maker would best fulfill these needs?

Most of you probably have a drip coffee maker at home. These are easy to use and a quick way to produce coffee for an individual or small gang. The challenge of drip coffee makers is coffee can become over cooked and bitter as it sits on the warming plate waiting for you to drink it. For anyone who is going to start the coffee and then get involved with a project and lose track of time this might not be the best type of maker for you. No one wants over brewed and bitter coffee.

Some days you find you have the time to turn making a cup of coffee into a ritual that allows you to be calmer and more creative. If ritual is what is important to you consider making french press coffee where you are the one who presses your own coffee. Designed with a metal filter these presses often make coffee with better flavor, and you deserve coffee with great flavor. Sit and breath in the smell of your cup knowing you made it yourself.

For some of you, you don’t care about the details of your coffee as long as you can get your caffeine fix quickly. If you like shots of super strong coffee you might want to invest in an espresso machine. Espresso can successfully be made at home and can be used in coffee recipes so you do not need to stand in line at your favorite coffee shop each morning waiting for your next fix. There is something decacant in enjoying a shot of concentrated espresso.

For some ideally you would be able to make your coffee in advance and have it available whenever you need some. It is too much effort to worry about putting on coffee early in the morning. You know you could use that time for a few more precious moments of sleep. In this case cold brew might be for you. Cold brew is easy to make as long as you have the time for it to sit. If you want to be able to make coffee in advance that can later either be poured over ice or heated up, you will want to try a cold brew coffee maker. This takes time but having coffee in your fridge whenever you want can be well worth it. 

The variety of coffee makers are truly impressive. How do you like your coffee? If you know your own tastes you will be able to find the coffee maker that will be able to make you the perfect cup. You are accomplishing so much each and everyday and you should celebrate that with a good morning. So invest in a good coffee maker. What type of coffee are you going to try for your next cup?

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