5 Must-Have Gifts Every Dad Needs for Summer

Father’s Day is right around the corner, so every kid’s thoughts are turning to what the perfect gift might be for the super hero in their lives. When Father’s Day comes around, the weather is warm, the cool breezes are blowing, and flip-flop weather has arrived. 

For many dads, summer is the perfect time to gather the family around the pool, socialize, and grill out everything from steaks to hot dogs. The options are endless when it comes to foods that can be grilled, but your dad needs the perfect tools for his outside oasis. Why not get him a few of these must-haves of the summer season for Father’s Day this year?

An Outdoor Kitchen

While your dad may be the master of the grill, what chef doesn’t dream of owning one of the u shaped outdoor kitchens that are all the rage today? There are many different designs to choose from, so you might want to gift your dad with the idea and then let him choose the design he wants and the one that will work best for the outdoor area he’s working with. 

The Right Grill

Though an outdoor kitchen usually comes with a grill included, some dads are old-fashioned and want their grill by the pool. If you’re looking to update your dad’s grill, then you need to make sure you’re choosing the right one. There are four options to choose from when finding a grill, those are listed below. 

  • Charcoal: The charcoal grill is perfect for giving food a smoky, grilled flavor
  • Gas: A gas grill is ready to go faster than charcoal and much easier to clean up after
  • Electric: An electric grill is perfect for portable grilling, if your dad likes to grill at other people’s houses as well 
  • Wood pellets: A wood pellet grill lets you get the best out of charcoal grilling, with the benefits of electricity and is very popular today

Every kind of grill has its own list of pros and cons, so do your research and choose wisely. 

The Right Tools to Grill 

Of course, in order to grill properly, your dad is going to need the best tools out there. If you’re not sure what those tools are, they’re listed below. Pick your dad up a set of them. 

  • Grill tongs that are spring-loaded
  • Stiff wire grill brush for cleaning 
  • An infrared meat thermometer 
  • Stainless steel kabob skewers
  • A metal spatula with a long handle 

While there are many more tools that your dad can use to grill this summer, these will get him started. 

Patio Furniture 

If your dad already has all of the above, then you could give him patio furniture for Father’s Day. After all, everyone needs weatherproof, comfortable furniture to sit on, while your dad is cooking up a storm for the ones he loves. 

An Outdoor Fire Pit

Grilling goes hand in hand with entertaining during the summer months. Getting your dad an outdoor fire pit lets the party keep going after the sun has set, everyone is full, and has gotten out of the pool for the day. It will be nice to gather around the fire pit and rehash the day together. There’s no better way to end the day than with a cup of coffee in front of a fire while visiting with family and friends. 

These are just a few of the best gifts for dads who love to grill, be outdoors, and visit with family and friends. Between these gifts and your company, this will be a Father’s Day to remember. 

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